Books on how to start a business

Starting a business is an exciting process that requires the ability to make decisions and knowledge in various fields. The textbooks will be a good source of knowledge and inspiration for those who dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur. In them, you can find practical advice on starting and developing your own business and stories of successful businessmen sharing their experiences and lessons they have learned on the way to success.

Books on how to start your own business

There are various books on how to start your own business in shops and online spaces. They are written by psychologists, marketers, and businessmen who share their personal experiences in this area. Let’s consider the most popular ones.

“Building Business Models. The Strategist and Innovator’s Desk Book” by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pignet is an excellent guide for those thinking about creating their own business. It offers practical advice on where to start, what steps to take, and how to avoid typical beginner’s mistakes. It teaches you how to visualize ideas and turn them into business models.

“Business from the Ground Up. Lean Startup” by Eric Ries is among the best books on how to start a business. A well-known American consulting expert tells us about his secrets. Eric Ries considers the possibilities of launching your own business without large investments, offering non-standard ideas and approaches to startups. The work is saturated with practical examples and advice on how to find the perfect option for a particular person.

“In Search of Innocence: A New Autobiography” by Richard Branson is recommended for those who like unconventional approaches. In the best-selling book, the famous billionaire and founder of Virgin Group shares his personal success stories and tips on how to get things done. He emphasizes the importance of innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and risk-taking in achieving goals.

book reading
Book reading

For those looking to learn how to build a business from scratch, the books will help them find the best solution. Among the bestsellers note “From zero to one. How to build a startup that will transform the future”. The creators are Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. The first of them is a well-known entrepreneur. Blake Masters is considered the founder of PayPal, the payment system. The work is a collection of success stories and advice from famous entrepreneurs and experts in various fields. It will help you get inspired and find your way to your dreams.

The author of “Quick Start: A Proven Startup Methodology” is Guy Kawasaki.  It is recommended as a must-read for those looking for books on starting a business. The famous venture capitalist and startup expert shares his knowledge on creating successful creative projects in this work. He looks at the factors that help and hinder startup development and advises on how to stand out from the competition.

“The Entrepreneur’s Guide. Twenty-four Concrete Steps from Startup to Sustainable Business” by Bill Ollett will help you start a business and stay afloat. It will help you develop your business strategy, work through the key points, and prepare to launch a successful project. The bestseller offers simple and clear principles of business development. Bill Ollet shares strategies to help a project thrive, grow, and become stronger.


These books will not only help you learn how to start and run a business. Still, they will inspire new ideas, help you develop an entrepreneurial spirit, and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities that will come along the way. Each represents a valuable source of information that will help you become a successful entrepreneur.

Harish Melendez

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