There is no need for cuts. Full stop.

There is no need for cuts. Full stop. End of discussion. It’s just one big lie. (see slide show link below)

The Bristol Indymedia event at The Cube on 7 February featured on the current deluge of cuts being imposed by the ConDem Coalition, and ways of resisting them – we heard from a panel of speakers from various campaigns and groups about what they are doing, how and why. However perhaps the most interesting part of the evening came at the start. It was unusual because it consisted of a presentation on economics, and for once it questionned the constant message from the ConDems and Labour that cuts are unavoidable.

Indeed the presentation demonstrated clearly that there is no need for any cuts at all, and that therefore the politicians of all parties are either incompetent idiots advised by highly paid idiot economists, or liars. Here at the bookfair collective we know they are both idiots and liars, but that they are also ideologically driven by a desire to turn each and every aspect of our lives and society into an opportunity to make profit…but we’ll save that for another day.

We have been able to get our hands on the slides used in the presentation by Saville Kushner (an academic at UWE). You can see the slides online or you can download them hereĀ noneed2cut in an open office format. We hope that shortly Bristol Indymedia will be providing a video of the slides with an accompanying talk, but are confident all our readers can get the message from reading the slides.

You can find more useful info of an economic nature, along with good listings of anti-cuts events, at The False Economy website.
Spread the word – the ConDem & Labour cuts are completely unnecessary. The cuts are a political attack. It is time to attack back – be in Bristol on 19 February and 22 February!