The Party Leaders debate – Clegg returns one year on

Anyone remember the 3 party leaders coming to Bristol, for the last of their 3 televised debates? After much hush hush, and leaked info, it was at the Arnolfini. 3-400 Bristolians turned up to protest, the cops erected a ring of steel around, but the chants of ‘scum, scum, scum’ directed at them across the harbour could still be heard.

The date was Thursday 22 April. Exactly one year ago last Thursday. We can all remember what happened last Thursday can’t we – the cops and council acted to defend their corporate friend Tescos (and a lot of Bristolians protested). Just as one year before they bent over backwards to defend a system they do so nicely out of (and a lot of Bristolians protested).

A year ago Clegg was the media darling, couldn’t put a foot wrong, the most popular politician around. Cameron was smooth, a bit plastic & twitchy, but thought he had it sewn up. Brown was on his way out. One year later how the mighty have fallen.
nevertrustpolitician_stickCleggthe most unpopular person in Britain, a yellow Tory, leader of a bankrupt and dying party. He lied, on VAT, on Uni fees, and he’ll keep on lying.
Cameronin the running for second most unpopular person, another outright liar, on EMA, the NHS, benefits, the economy, on we’re all in it together. His millionaire cabinet members are not. The ConDem coalition only has one policy – to make us keep paying for their capitalist crisis.
Brown, gone. Millibrands NewLabour no better, spineless, nothing new said or done. Still pro-cuts, no alternatives at all.
And still the cheeky bastards expect you to vote for them next week, on May 5th. Elections, what a joke.

Poster from last year's protest. should it now read: I'd rather eat my own sick than vote for Clegg's yellow Tories?
Or Clegg's yellow Tories

So Clegg will scuttle in to Bristol today, ushered hastily into the Watershed at 3pm, to a paying invited audience. For a Q&A with the Bristol Media. Will anyone be asking the assembled brown-nosing media types – why are you arse-licking this pathetic lying politician? Are you so desperate to save your own skins/salaries that you’ll support the Coalition cutting anything else but the media? Or will they stand up and say enough is enough Clegg, you’ve sold your soul but you aren’t buying ours. And then chuck him in the harbour?

We’ll be watching with interest.
(for other posters from last years protest see Bristol Indymedia here)