The Dressing Room full programme at the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair

These are the meetings in The Dressing Room, one of the smaller spaces at this years Bookfair. These meetings have been organised by campaign groups and/or individuals, and are intended to generate discussion. Thanks to the meeting organisers for their efforts. You can download this meeting info as pdf The Dressing Room full programme   

The Dressing Room is located behind the stage on the ground floor of the Trinity Centre, and will hold approx 25 people seated. Meetings start at 12noon, and end at 6pm. Please enter & leave the room promptly so the next meeting gets its maximum time.

class12-12.30: Putting class back into the classroom – school as a tool for oppression or liberation?
Anarchist teacher on how school is used to maintain the power & interests of the ruling class; asks what we can do to build an education system which gives working class pupils pride in their collective past & present, whilst arming them with the tools for future liberation.  

12.30-1: Negative Anarchism
(John Desmond)
NA describes anarchists who are disproportionately against. An analysis of the mindsets, lifestyles & destinies of negative anarchists, and identifying the relationship of NA’s to anarchism. With discussion.

heckert1-2: Queering Anarchism: Gender, Sexuality & Power
(Jamie Heckert)
Having seen a rise in discussions of anarchism, sexuality, queer theory and activism, Jamie Heckert introduces two books he contributed to: Queering Anarchism (AK Press) and Anarchism & Sexuality (Routledge). Plus open discussion on issues raised by participants.

2-3: Capitalism!
(Dariush/Kaput Collective)
What is it? How can we destroy it? Come along to discuss some answers to these questions!

voltairineonestruggle3-4: Stop G8 – One Common Struggle: London Resistance
(Stop G8 network)
 This June the G8 leaders meet in Northern Ireland. As economic crisis bites, and the planet burns, the bosses & their politicians celebrate business as usual.  Find out more about the mobilisation Stop G8 are calling in London – one of the bedrocks of capitalism.

4-5: Fitwatch: Direct Action Tactics Against State Surveillance
Direct Action is a powerful tactic against the snooping & prying of Forward Intelligence Teams (FIT), and their new sidekicks, Police Liaison Officers (PLOs). A little organised resistance can stop them getting their ‘intel’ at crucial times.

work5-6:  Anarchy and the working week
Discussion around the interplay between our desires for autonomy, solidarity & ecological care, and the compromises & opportunities available to us in a world of work dominated by destructive systems like capitalism. Featuring local case studies.