The cops, comutiny, and, er, the bookfair

Much hilarity all around at the antics of the Avon & Somerset’s finest boys and girls in blue in relation to their PR blitz around the CoMutiny events. Special email addresses, twitter accounts, first names and mobile details, letters posted on the cops website, and even a personal post by ‘Richard’ on Bristol Indymedia. What on earth is going on?

Ian Tomlinson died shortly after being assualted by the thug behind him on April 1
Ian Tomlinson died shortly after being assualted by the thug behind him on April 1

Well its simple really, after beating up loads of peaceful climate campers in London on April 1 at the G20, and getting caught on camera beating small women outside the Bank of England (amongst other crimes), the cops nationally are going overboard on being nice and facilitating everyone’s protests. It wont last of course! Beware what lies inside the velvet glove – its an iron fist and it’ll be back on view soon enough. Remember Ian Tomlinson’s fate, and many before him.

The cops aim is to appear reasonable, and look as if they are fulfilling their remit of service to the public, as long as you are peaceful and dont break any laws of course. Protesters responses have to a degree been to enter the PR game with them by circulating open letters explaining why they dont trust and wont deal with the police. The London climate camp in August did it, Disarm DSEI protesters have done it, and now CoMutiny too. It remains to be seen if this bears any fruit, although we should beware playing the media as its a game we are unlikely to win, given the balance of forces. The key is to carry on doing what we do as usual, which essentially means ignoring the cops until they turn up and get in the way. We’re pretty sure our friends at CoMutiny will be getting on with business as usual these next 10 days.

Meanwhile here at the bookfair base we’ve been enjoying a cop-free time. After all a public event at a hired venue right opposite a cop shop is hardly subversive is it? Even if it is filled with angry workers, the pissed off unemployed, and totally in debt students. Oh and hordes of anarchist freedomfighters building their strength up with herbal tea and vegan pie.

But just to make it clear though to any uniformed cops who are thinking of strolling around the stalls – you’re not welcome. We’ve hired the venue and reserve the right to refuse admission. No cheating by going undercover now…