The Breakout Room meetings @ the Anarchist Bookfair

FBpage_bannerLgeThe Breakout Room at the Bookfair is one of five spaces at the Trinity Centre where debates will rage and interaction is positively encouraged. Remember that none of the speakers are professional politicians – just ordinary impassioned people like you and us – ensuring minimal spin & bullshit! 

There’s a wide range of topics. Details are below or you can download this pdf & print off Breakout Room_meet details :

The Breakout Room (1st floor of Trinity, off the Stalls hall)
Nuclear – the power that corrupts
by SWAN (Talk and discussion/Q&A)
Recent attacks on democracy by this government have involved dramatically reducing our rights to object on important issues relating to nuclear safety in the environment. These affect the building of Hinkley C and storage of nuclear waste in Cumbria. Nikki Clark explains how this has happened and what you can do.

1-2: Abolish IPPs campaign
by Bristol ABC & Smash IPP (
Talk & discussion)
A workshop about the new campaign to abolish Indeterminate sentences for Public Protection (IPPs) retrospectively, to release the thousands of people in prison held for several years past their original sentenced tariff. Workshop is led by prisoner families & ex-prisoners harmed by the IPP sentencing law.

2-3: The Meaning of Freedom.
by Paul Cudenec
(Talk & discussion)
What is freedom? Is it simply not being behind bars, or is there more to it than that? Can individual freedom exist without collective freedom? Or vice-versa? Where does our need for freedom come from? Writer Paul Cudenec introduces a discussion on this fundamental aspect of anarchist philosophy.

3-4: Total Shambles – a squatting memoir
by George F & Influx Press (reading, Q&A, discussion)
Join the author & editors of this new book, a creative non-fiction memoir about squatting in the UK. A short reading followed by discussion of the issues raised by the book.

4-5: The IWW Environmental Unionist Caucus
by Dorset IWW (short presentation then discussion) – more info
We believe class & environmental struggles share common causes, and seek to establish dialogue & solidarity between these movements to devise integrated strategies for transforming exploitative or unsustainable industries. We aim for constructive but anti-capitalist & ecologically sound critiques of mainstream environmentalism, ‘green capitalism’ and business unionism.

5-6: What would economic justice and democracy look like? A Libertarian Socialist exploration of Participatory Economics
By Paticipatory Economy UK (Presentation then discussion/questions)
The New Democracy Movement argue the state and capitalism are fundamentally undemocratic in nature. So how could we envision a democratic alternative? We’ll discuss one model for a free and democratic economic system, Participatory Economics, and examine its strengths/weaknesses from a libertarian socialist point-of-view.