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Swindon Radical Bookfair this Saturday 21st September

A mighty fine attempt by a very few comrades to make radical ideas & history available in Swindon this Saturday, supported by the local TUC! And with a decent Bristol posse on hand to help out.
Includes 1 room of stalls, 1 room of meetings, and a space for refreshments and chatting.

Venue: Central Community Centre, Emlyn Square, Swindon, SN1 5BP.
Map and Facebook Event.

Date: Saturday 21st September 2013 Continue reading Swindon Radical Bookfair this Saturday 21st September

Anarchism sunny side up

Six weeks on and the dust has settled on the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair. even the sun has finally returned again (for a while). Here’s a short review of the 2013 Bookfair written by one member of the 2013 Bookfair Collective.

2011tshirt_image_smallerTwo things seem to happen when we have an Anarchist Bookfair in Bristol. Firstly the sun shines,  it did again on 20 April for the first time in ages, justifying our gamble on a venue change, to The Trinity Centre, with a large outdoor garden & space, ideal for outside fun, and meetings focusing on land, food, the commons and permaculture. The kids enjoyed the bouncy castle too! Second up we again had a period of heightened political tension – Thatcher’s death this time, not more riots on Stokes Croft, but a mini riot at the end of the Easton Death Party on the day the bastard died.

A-wordsThose factors, along with extensive online publicity, posters & stickers, plus 65 stalls (sadly a few failed to show on the day), and 38 wide-ranging meetings (including the Radical History Zone down the road at Hydra Bookshop), ensured an excellent turnout of around 1000 people to the 5th Bristol Bookfair. Kebele’s vegan cafe was overrun, our donations buckets overflowed as we covered our costs, and we’re already trying to book in next year at Trinity Centre – although our preferred date of Saturday 17th May 2014 looks unavailable. Continue reading Anarchism sunny side up

Welcome to Anarchism Bristol style

Welcome one and all to the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2013! It’s gonna be a sunshine day!

A blackredThatcher may have gone, but her legacy remains, Brutal neoliberal economic policies (ironically part-funded and underpinned, and then bailed out by public money); backed up by the iron fist of the state to clamp down on any dissent (and also funded by public money). To do away with her legacy will require ideas, practices and action. Debated, refined and implemented on a mass scale. Continue reading Welcome to Anarchism Bristol style

Stalls all booked up

stickers_logoWe’ve stopped taking bookings for stalls at the 2013 Bookfair, as we are full up.

If you havent been in touch with us already, then you are too late – you can send a form booking_stalls2013 in (but not money) and go onto a waiting list if you wish, on the off chance someone drops out. But no promises – we have 3 on the waiting list as at 6/4/13. Sorry if you missed out. Thanks to those who have booked.

Update 6th April – here’s the final list of groups/campaigns/distros etc who have booked stalls. You’ll also be able to find the final list, showing which floor which stall is on, on our stalls page now! Continue reading Stalls all booked up

Book soon for stalls as space going fast!

a-bookStall tables for the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair are going fast, so don’t delay if you want to book a table for your group, project, distro, campaign, book etc.

We have now had 24 bookings taking up some 38 tables (see list), which is almost two thirds of the total tables we have room for. Our ‘early bird booking rate’ ended on 1 February, but the standard rate still only costs the same as in 2011. All the forms and necessary info are on our stalls page – please make sure you complete the form in full, and make cheques payable ‘Bristol Bookfair’. Continue reading Book soon for stalls as space going fast!

Callout for stalls at the 2013 bookfair

Pssst! Would you like hundreds of people coming upto your stall to check out your ideas, literature, campaign, group, merchandise etc? If so you’d better get booked in soon!

At the last Bookfair we had over 40 stalls spread over 65 tables, covering everything from setting up DIY co-ops to workers rights to the ABC of anarchism and hot current international affairs. We’ve got about the same amount of space this time.

Whilst stall priority goes to anarchist groups, projects and distros, there’s always room for a few other worthwhile tables. All the info you need is either on this website, or on the stall booking forms – download one now: booking_stalls2013 (open office) and booking_stalls2013 (pdf). For all stall enquiries email us at BristolBF-stalls@riseup.net.    Continue reading Callout for stalls at the 2013 bookfair

Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings

This is a reminder and final call to all groups, networks and individuals considering proposing a workshop/meeting/talk/debate etc at the 2011 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. The deadline for receipt of any proposals is Wednesday 6 April at 12noon.

ahead_posterlargeProposals should be submitted by email using the workshops booking form. Please complete it fully. You can download here the forms. The Bookfair Collective will be meeting shortly after the deadline to consider all the proposals. In the event there are more proposals than spaces, we may well ask any similar proposals to join together if possible. If there are still too many: we will take into consideration topics being covered elsewhere in the Indymedia & RHZ zones at the bookfair; as well as deciding which proposals are of most relevance to the present situation generally, and to anarchists specifically. Last year we had 29 proposals, but ultimately only 15 spaces. Continue reading Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings