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Flyer for the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011

Here is the colour flyer we have published for this years Bookfair. We have several thousand of them, and need your help to distro them widely around Bristol and further afield – into workplaces, centres, shops, pubs, cafes, colleges and so on. Get in touch if you want some, or pick some up from Kebele social centre. You can also download images of the colour poster, and pdf’s of some black and white posters, here. Thanks.

flyer_front1 Continue reading Flyer for the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011

Bristol anarchist bookfair latest news

So 2011 is upon us, and nothing much has changed…
recession-poster-copy1The politicians continue breaking promises (VAT, EMA, control orders, bankers bonuses), benefit cuts and job losses are starting to kick in, and the state’s clampdown on those who dissent escalates. But Bristol seems to be warming up nicely! The new year was greeted by a noise protest outside Bristol prison, whilst others attacked a couple of state agencies, and thousands attended free parties. Protests in Bristol are beginning to line up – 11 January against the loss of EMA; 22 January against the arms trade; 24 January protests against benefit cuts27 January at 6pm & 22 February at 2pm against Bristol council’s austerity budget and cuts (at the Council House); 29 January day of action linking student protests with cuts; and on the same day a big anti-cuts festival down in Taunton; and much more besides. And Bristol being Bristol, there’s DIY fundraisers aplenty too, with one every weekend so far uptil mid-February. 2011 – bring it on! For calendar info check out Bristol Indymedia, and The Cutz.

Bookfair Updates
1. The Bristol Indymedia room and the Radical History Zone at the Bookfair are now confirmed, details to follow.
2. The Bookfair after-party is a goer, thanks to Kebele Sound for taking that on.
3. A joint Bookfair/Indymedia event on 2 May at The Cube is confirmed, details to follow.
We would love to hear from any other groups/networks/projects of any other ideas/proposals for events of an anarchist nature in the week before the bookfair. And dont forget May Day – lets make a week of anarchy! Continue reading Bristol anarchist bookfair latest news

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair taking bookings now for 7 May 2011

early poster
early poster

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
7 May 2011

At Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft
Bristol BS1 3QY

10.30am to 6.30pm

In The Tradition Of May Day…Resistance and Alternatives To Cuts

The 2011 Bristol bookfair is coming at you 4 months earlier this year. It will happen at the end of a week that includes an outrageously expensive royal wedding, local elections and a referendum on the latest parliamentary elections voting scam. It will happen shortly after the budget cuts of the national LibDemCon government, and local councils, will be known; whilst the job losses and cuts inherent in the austerity drive to bail out capitalism will be kicking in. The anarchist bookfair will be the perfect antidote to all this misery and displays of wealth inequality. Continue reading Bristol Anarchist Bookfair taking bookings now for 7 May 2011

A radical history zone?

Strangely, a few people have been frowning at us after the announcement of the Radical History Zone at this years Bristol anarchist bookfair.

They aren’t all anarchists we are told, some are even anti-anarchist; they do their own events it seems; and one plonker even wondered what history had to do with the bookfair! You just cant please some people can you?

electionBack in the mists of time, maybe 9 months ago, we were asked if we’d be interested in participating in a ‘radical publishers/history’ gathering that Bristol Radical History Group were considering. Seemed interesting to us. Things went a bit quiet, a general election was called, and many of us got on with doing our own things, which for us included proceeding with this years bookfair, whilst BRHG of course ran a series of events around the election. Around June the idea arose again, by which time we had Hamilton House provisionally booked, and there was a suggestion of the radical publishers/history event running simultaneously nearby (or even in the same venue…except we’d booked it all up). So heads were put together in a boozer we all tend to visit, an idea was hatched, a deal was made, and logic ensued – a Radical History Zone at this years bookfair, to include a designated stalls area, and a meeting space. BRHG have had autonomy to organise their meetings programme as they see fit, and invite stalls they think are worth having. In return they have donated towards bookfair costs, helped with publicity, and will help with set up etc.

We really dont see how anyone could have a problem with this? Continue reading A radical history zone?