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March 26. Here we go!

So, excitement is building for 26 March and the big TUC demo in London against the ConDem Coalition austerity measures, and calling for alternatives such as a more equal distribution of wealth via the tax system. From Bristol it looks like upto 30 coaches are going down, plus many more people going independently.

march-26The TUC are officially shitting themselves. With a vicious budget due on 23 March from millionaire Tory scumbag Osborne that will make clear his intention to make us continue to pay for his class’s crisis, anger is mounting, and who knows what will happen on the 26th? Terrified of actually being seen to do anything that might actually challenge the government, the TUC have got into bed with the Met Police in a big way in an attempt to avoid any blame should they be unable to control the anger of ordinary working people. On the main demo expect a high degree of collaboration between 2-3000 TUC stewards/private security staff and the government’s thugs in uniform. The TUC should be ashamed of themselves, given the cops role in smashing strikes over the last 200 years. Continue reading March 26. Here we go!

Resistance against cuts – Bristol news

A quick round-up of Bristol anti-cuts actions, news & resources, following on from latest protests.

Bristol IWW placard
Bristol IWW placard

Saturday 19 February saw between 200 (BBC figure) and 3000 (organisers figure) attend the Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance (BADACA) march in Bristol. We’d say there were maybe 1500 there. This was a fairly unadventurous and tame event on a damp overcast morning, and was all over in 75 minutes. However it did attract a wide cross-section of Bristolians and was probably useful in purely outreach terms. But did it present a real threat to the local bosses and politicians, enough to make them abandon cuts? Sadly not.
Good Anti-Cuts Action report on the march, and the subsequent and effective UKUncut Bailout events in Bristol city centre afterwards.
Photos etc posted on Bristol Indymedia of the march. Continue reading Resistance against cuts – Bristol news

There is no need for cuts. Full stop.

There is no need for cuts. Full stop. End of discussion. It’s just one big lie. (see slide show link below)

The Bristol Indymedia event at The Cube on 7 February featured on the current deluge of cuts being imposed by the ConDem Coalition, and ways of resisting them – we heard from a panel of speakers from various campaigns and groups about what they are doing, how and why. However perhaps the most interesting part of the evening came at the start. It was unusual because it consisted of a presentation on economics, and for once it questionned the constant message from the ConDems and Labour that cuts are unavoidable. Continue reading There is no need for cuts. Full stop.

Bristol anarchist bookfair latest news

So 2011 is upon us, and nothing much has changed…
recession-poster-copy1The politicians continue breaking promises (VAT, EMA, control orders, bankers bonuses), benefit cuts and job losses are starting to kick in, and the state’s clampdown on those who dissent escalates. But Bristol seems to be warming up nicely! The new year was greeted by a noise protest outside Bristol prison, whilst others attacked a couple of state agencies, and thousands attended free parties. Protests in Bristol are beginning to line up – 11 January against the loss of EMA; 22 January against the arms trade; 24 January protests against benefit cuts27 January at 6pm & 22 February at 2pm against Bristol council’s austerity budget and cuts (at the Council House); 29 January day of action linking student protests with cuts; and on the same day a big anti-cuts festival down in Taunton; and much more besides. And Bristol being Bristol, there’s DIY fundraisers aplenty too, with one every weekend so far uptil mid-February. 2011 – bring it on! For calendar info check out Bristol Indymedia, and The Cutz.

Bookfair Updates
1. The Bristol Indymedia room and the Radical History Zone at the Bookfair are now confirmed, details to follow.
2. The Bookfair after-party is a goer, thanks to Kebele Sound for taking that on.
3. A joint Bookfair/Indymedia event on 2 May at The Cube is confirmed, details to follow.
We would love to hear from any other groups/networks/projects of any other ideas/proposals for events of an anarchist nature in the week before the bookfair. And dont forget May Day – lets make a week of anarchy! Continue reading Bristol anarchist bookfair latest news

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair taking bookings now for 7 May 2011

early poster
early poster

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
7 May 2011

At Hamilton House
80 Stokes Croft
Bristol BS1 3QY

10.30am to 6.30pm

In The Tradition Of May Day…Resistance and Alternatives To Cuts

The 2011 Bristol bookfair is coming at you 4 months earlier this year. It will happen at the end of a week that includes an outrageously expensive royal wedding, local elections and a referendum on the latest parliamentary elections voting scam. It will happen shortly after the budget cuts of the national LibDemCon government, and local councils, will be known; whilst the job losses and cuts inherent in the austerity drive to bail out capitalism will be kicking in. The anarchist bookfair will be the perfect antidote to all this misery and displays of wealth inequality. Continue reading Bristol Anarchist Bookfair taking bookings now for 7 May 2011

A critical look at the G20 London protests one year on

Well we nearly stormed one of them...
Well we nearly stormed one of them...

The article below is fairly short, sharp and to the point in its critique of last year’s G20 protests and the ‘movement’. It first appeared today on UK Indymedia, the author is unknown. However it articulates what some people, at least, are thinking, and is reposted here to generate discussion. (Images added by Bookfair person. For post-G20 info on arrests and Ian Tomlinson see the Bristol ABC blog).

You may disagree? Perhaps you were on the roof at Jesters No-Tesco squat, or out trashing other Tescos? A climate camp veteran perhaps? Or maybe you’ve come out as an anarchist-communist or class-struggle anarchist and just joined/set up a new group? Maybe from where you are standing the future looks bright and the revolution is just one more action away? In which case thats great, get stuck in, may the force be with you. If you’d like to disagree with this (unknown) author then send in your view.

The Summer of Rage? A critical look at the G20 London protests one year on (original article here)

Did anyone notice the summer of rage? Like all British summers, it was disappointingly non-existent: a few letters in the guardian, a climate camp of Cath Kidston tents and, to top it all, hardly a day of sun. Continue reading A critical look at the G20 London protests one year on

Reflections and strategies 10 years on from J18 and Seattle 1999

The Cube cinema, 1 February 2010, 7.30pm:
J18 & Seattle 1999 – reflections & strategies 10 years on

The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective and Bristol Indymedia present an evening of films and discussion that look back to the global protests and counter-summit mobilisations of 1999, and consider where next for the movement of movements. This event is part of Bristol Indymedia’s monthly programme at The Cube, entry as usual costs £3/4 but nobody will be turned away for lack of money – just state what you can afford.

cube_1-feb_posterWe’ll be showing 2 short dramatic films, one each from J18 and Seattle, which should get your adrenalin pumping. There will be no ‘big name’ speaker, so there will be plenty of time for discussion and contributions. Scroll down for background reading links. Continue reading Reflections and strategies 10 years on from J18 and Seattle 1999

We won’t bail out Dubai

Much sniggering here as the worldwide financial system creaks again. This time it’s Dubai World, essentially a holding company formed by the Dubai government, that is asking for a payment holiday on its debts. In particular its struggling to repay some £3.2billion due in a couple weks, although its total debts are in excess of £50billion. The rub is that if they dont pay up, then their creditors are themselves exposed, and as we now know, banks and financial institutions are constantly lending short term money to each other, so if one fails…you may well get a domino effect. Continue reading We won’t bail out Dubai

Is the recession really over?

Much spinning in the media in recent months trying to talk up recovery from the present recession, with headlines this past week that the recession really is over – based of course on the governments own data. We all trust the government and its advisers don’t we?

However whilst stock exchanges may be starting to fly again, and bankers make like they never nearly crashed the world’s financial systems last year, the reality of the situation may lie somewhere behind the hopeful headlines and spin.

For a more down to earth view check out Will Brown‘s article below, ‘Can China Save The World Economy?’, and come and discuss the topic with him at the bookfair on Saturday (room 2, 4pm). You can also find some interesting articles/links on China here. Meanwhile our friends at East Bristol Debtors Alliance have issued an impassioned plea for the cancellation of all personal debt, because its literally killing a lot of people. They’ll be taking this discussion further on Saturday too (room 1, 12 noon), as well as looking at what we can do locally in solidarity with those who have bailiffs and other debt collecting scum at the door. Continue reading Is the recession really over?

Bristol IWW goes public on 22 August

The recently formed, but not yet fully ratified, Bristol branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) goes public this Saturday, with a meeting and social at the railway workers social club by Temple Meads station. This meeting is for all signed up, and prospective, IWW members in the area, and for all workers (employed or not) genuinely interested in the work of the IWW and resisting the attacks of the bosses. Sectarians and parasites not invited! Continue reading Bristol IWW goes public on 22 August