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Bookfair 2010 finance report and news

occupyBloody hell it’s nearly 2011, and there’s rioting in the streets…

Better get on it then. Here’s a brief financial report on the 2010 Bristol anarchist bookfair, just so you know the score:

Finance breakdown
Starting balance £825.00
Income £1946.00 (includes £925.00 from 2 benefit gigs, the room hire donations from BRHG & BIM, bucket shaking, stall fees, cafe donation and a few odds n sods).
Expenses £1205.00 (printing, venue hire, tables/chairs hire, admin and other bits and pieces)
Donations to groups after bookfair: £666.00 (to Classics, Kebele sound, BIM & BRHG, Anti-cuts, Women speak out event, Kebele social centre, DA bust fund)
Closing balance £900.00 (mostly in the bank, perhaps foolishly). Continue reading Bookfair 2010 finance report and news