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Matters of interest to local anarchists

and for those who would like to know more about anarchism

a-bookThe bookfair collective reconvened last week. At our meeting we looked over an organisational timeline for organising the next Bristol anarchist bookfair (or indeed any bookfair), and chewed over a few other ideas for the coming months that some or all of us will be involved in: Continue reading Matters of interest to local anarchists

Bristol anarchist bookfair – short report and a thank you

Bristol anarchist bookfair – short report and a thank you
(NB: more photos of city centre banners here)

city centre mural
city centre mural

Bristol’s anarchist bookfair on 13 September at the Island was a vibrant, colourful affair that was absolutely rammed with people for much of the day.

The sun kept shining and people kept coming to this explicitly anarchist event. We estimate over 500 people visited, in addition to the stallholders, meeting organisers, cafe crew and bookfair organisers. A varied bunch they were too, as the city centre location appears to have attracted a numner of interested visitors from outside the usual circles.

Meetings/workshops and films were well attended, much chating occurred at stalls, vast amounts of info, ideas and literature were were exchanged, and the vegan cafe did a roaring trade. Anarchist and other banners adorned the venue walls inside and out, and a number of banners were also hung in the city centre. Large numbers of the CoMutiny free paper ‘Evening Pest’ were handed out to passersby and elsewhere in the city centre, as the bookfair also launched the week of CoMutiny events. Continue reading Bristol anarchist bookfair – short report and a thank you

Not just the usual suspects…

Update on benefits 1/9/09: many thanks to all who attended the 2 recent benefits on 22 and 31 August, which raised a total of £291 towards the bookfair costs (after the expenses of the gigs was paid). Special thanks too to the bands who played, those who helped on the night, and of course to the ever spikey Bastard Squad collective. Now…dont forget the bookfair…and the after-party that night at The Croft, featuring Gary Clail (of Tackhead & On-U Sound) with a 2 hour midnight set, plus live acts & DJ’s.

Round off your bank holiday weekend in style with the Bank Holiday Monday Bookfair Benefit Blow Out @ The Croft. A warm and inspiring night is guaranteed, whatever the weather outside, at the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2009 fundraiser – volume 3. Continue reading Not just the usual suspects…

Bristol’s Greek solidarity weekend – 27 & 28 March

2 nights, 2 events: The Greek Revolt Info Tour on Friday 27 March AND The Big Greek Benefit – Viva La Resisdance, on Saturday 28 March.

(26/3/09 Urgent Update – Greek Info Tour meeting cancelled, a speaker is ill in hospital. Sorry!!! Will try to reschedule. Gig is on so do come.) Continue reading Bristol’s Greek solidarity weekend – 27 & 28 March

Upcoming Bookfair Collective Events

A contribution to the spring offensive….

Here is a selection of upcoming events that the Bookfair collective are either organising, or helping to organise, or actively supporting. There are of course many other events in the Bristol area, we recommend for starters you check the kebele social centre calendar, and the Bristol Indymedia calendar and newswire. More details of the following events will be posted in due course.
Continue reading Upcoming Bookfair Collective Events