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A Bristol Anarchist Ball

Kebele Sound & friends present the Anarchist Bookfair After-Party & FUNdraiser.
A truly international, floor stomping, militant dance night out. Join friends old and new to round off the day. Dress as you please. Featuring:

ANKYLYM – Frantic volatile knees up mix of traditional folk-art-chaos from Russia with rage

COLECTIF MARY READ – from St Etienne, France’s permier militant anarchist hip hop crew, in the UK for the first time

CHINA SHOP BULL – Ska’ed up dubby drum n bass ravers propelled by horns from Leeds

+ ABERRANT – disparate-post-whatever-by-South-West-punx
Plus DJs Ominous, Kylie Selassie and more playing a right mix of ska, hip hop, jungle and then some!

The Attic Bar, North Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3PR
Saturday May 7th : 9pm – 2am : £5 on the door Continue reading A Bristol Anarchist Ball

Anarchists against cuts and the state – what next?

We’ve had our eyes out for a decent public article on this topic since March 26 (see our article). The following article was posted on UK Indymedia on 4 April by an anonymous author about whom we know nothing. Its pretty lucid and addresses a number of key points. We wouldn’t agree with all of it, but its a good start at discussion. Obviously many comrades are discussing this privately, and given some of the actions thats fair enough – activist security is important! However we hope to see more public discussion of these issues at the Bristol bookfair. We’ve added in a few comments, mainly factual, they will start ED and be in italics.

Anarchists Against the Cuts: discussion points after March 26

1. The big question behind this: how do we work as anarchists within a broader anti-cuts struggle? The anti-cuts “movement” is where we need to be, the main front of a class war which is becoming more open and directly confrontational. Rather than merely defending the old welfare state compromise, we can see the crisis as an opportunity to move forwards with radical solutions based on solidarity and mutual aid. But we have a lot of work to do on our analyses and methods if we’re going to be up to the task.

2. March 26 felt like a victory. We outran the police, the streets were ours. We proved that, as Bob Broadhurst said, there is no way the police can guard every building in London. Noise, rage, exhileration. The biggest black bloc London’s seen. And the smartest, with all those lessons learnt from the recent student protests.

3. On the other hand, it certainly wasn’t Trafalgar Square 1990. It wasn’t Greece or Italy or the French banlieues. Nor did it have the youthful wildness of last November when the EMA kids walked out of the schools to join the fighting. Did it seem at least possible that this could be the day that “direct action”, if that’s the term, spread beyond the old hands and new students to “workers and anyone who will stand and fight”? That thousands more from the main march would get infected with our energy and break off into the streets, leaving the TUC bosses looking as stupid as Aaron Porter? That didn’t happen.

On balance: the action on Saturday looks like a consolidation of our progress since Millbank, but not a big push into new territory. Continue reading Anarchists against cuts and the state – what next?

Bookfair fundraiser with live ZOUNDS

(Update 5/9/10 – many thanks to all who supported the benefit last night. Around £450 was raised towards the bookfair’s costs this year).

On Saturday 4 September, The Bastard Squad present their Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 FUNdraiser volume II,
featuring a rare opportunity to see 1980’s anarcho-punkers Zounds live in Bristol. Continue reading Bookfair fundraiser with live ZOUNDS

Draft Bookfair 2010 posters and upcoming events

Here’s a couple of draft bookfair posters, and a 2 upcoming bookfair-related events.

Tuesday 15 June, from 7 to 9pm – bookfair collective organising meeting.
Regular collective meet to plan & organise this years bookfair. There’s plenty to do, so keen and willing anarchists who’d like to get involved are more than welcome! Come along and meet/join us, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

Sunday 20 June, from 6pm – solstice eve party and bookfair fundraiser.
Organised by the Bastard Squad collective, its at The Croft, doors from 6pm, film at 6.30pm, four bands from 8pm. £5 quid on the door. Full details here. Continue reading Draft Bookfair 2010 posters and upcoming events

Solstice eve fundraising party

Solstice eve punky party and fundraiser

This is your invite from the Bastard Squad Collective…to a Solstice Eve birthday party for Fin and Myles, and the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 fundraiser volume I.

20-june_benefitSunday June 20 at The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW
EARLY START: Doors open 6pm, film 6.30pm, first band 8pm. 5 quid on the door.

Film showing from 6.30pm is “Maggots and Men” a re-imagining of the 1921 Kronstadt sailor uprising with a twist of gender anarchy! Continue reading Solstice eve fundraising party

Bookfair organising and other upcoming events

Tonight, Tuesday 9 February, sees our second organising meeting for the 2010 Bristol anarchist bookfair. We have been checking out various venues, which we’ll be discussing further. Plus we have a couple of pencilled in potential bookfair dates – the 11 or 18 September. We’ll also be looking further at possible themes for the bookfair, and its format. Plenty of items for keen anarchists to get their teeth into. We do need more people to get involved in the bookfair collective – the more people means we can organise better and more varied events. The bookfair is a very public anarchist event and a great opportunity for anarchists in Bristol to engage with a wide range of people. It is essentially your event, so dont just expect us to organise it for you.

circle-a_red_star_textTonights meeting takes place at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY, from 7.30 to 9pm. In the near future we hope to take the organising meetings to other venues, and we’d also be happy to scome and talk about the bookfair with your group, campaign, or network. get in touch.

Following on from our well attended event at The Cube on 1 February about the J18/Seattle protests, we have plenty of ideas for other events covering various topics. Again we’d like to hear from other anarchists what they think needs discussing? For example, some of us think Bristol’s anarchists would do well to hold some sort of weekend ‘politics and strategy’ gathering, which would mix political debate with some forward planning and co-ordination around agreed strategies. What do you think?

Of course many of Bristol’s healthy mix of campaigns, groups and networks continue to organise ongoing activities, many but not all of which appear on the Bristol Indymedia newswire and calendar. Here’s a few upcoming: Continue reading Bookfair organising and other upcoming events

Activities of interest for local anarchists and radicals

pooh_anarrky1Good to see Bristol’s anarchists and radicals kicking off the new year in busy style. This is gonna be an important year acoss the political, economic and social fronts, with a general election happening alongside the deepening economic crisis and the state trying to effect ever greater social control. Opportunities comrades, and lots of them. Theorise, organise, strategise, practice, build alternatives across the spectrum. Let’s do it!

Here’s an incomplete list of some upcoming events and activities. To keep up to date check out the websites of our friends and neighbours (on the right), keep an eye on Bristol Indymedia, and visit your local anarchist spaces such as Kebele (Saturday & Sunday cafes) and The Emporium/Classics Free shop (Stokes croft) for more info and networking: Continue reading Activities of interest for local anarchists and radicals

We won’t bail out Dubai

Much sniggering here as the worldwide financial system creaks again. This time it’s Dubai World, essentially a holding company formed by the Dubai government, that is asking for a payment holiday on its debts. In particular its struggling to repay some £3.2billion due in a couple weks, although its total debts are in excess of £50billion. The rub is that if they dont pay up, then their creditors are themselves exposed, and as we now know, banks and financial institutions are constantly lending short term money to each other, so if one fails…you may well get a domino effect. Continue reading We won’t bail out Dubai