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Permanent Culture Now Marquee programme at Bristol anarchist bookfair 2013

As a reflection of the fact that many in Bristol have an interest in permaculture, land, food, the commons and related issues, this year we asked the Permanent Culture Now resource & project to co-ordinate a programme in one of the marquees we’re setting up in the Trinity garden. We know that many anarchists, radicals and other progressives are involved in these types of projects, along with many other people, yet it intrigues us at to why many such projects maintain an apolitical stance? If these issues are not political, then what are they? That matter will be debated below, along with much more.

Below is the list of meetings PCN have organised. Note that in each workshop there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions, so don’t be shy…join in and enjoy!
You can download the programme here (pdf) PCN full programme and here the Bookfair meetings timetable. Continue reading Permanent Culture Now Marquee programme at Bristol anarchist bookfair 2013

Horsemeat and bullshit for the masses

…tax cuts and maximised profits for the corporate chains
…and along the supply chain crap wages & working conditions for the workforce

You don’t have to be an anarchist to note that the ‘contaminated’ products are all based at the cheaper end of the market, mass produced products of dubious quality anyway, for the impoverished masses. Not much sign of products in posh shops and restaurantes requiring examination, wonder why?

deathcoThose supply chains, as exposed in the media, are long and complex – so many sub-contractors and middlemen, so much transportation, it’s amazing anyone makes any money at all. No doubt the workforce down that chain makes very little pay for very long hours. Supermarkets and the larger food producers use their economic power to force down supply prices, and therefore quality, as they attempt to dominate the markets and maximise their profits. Continue reading Horsemeat and bullshit for the masses