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Resistance against cuts – Bristol news

A quick round-up of Bristol anti-cuts actions, news & resources, following on from latest protests.

Bristol IWW placard
Bristol IWW placard

Saturday 19 February saw between 200 (BBC figure) and 3000 (organisers figure) attend the Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance (BADACA) march in Bristol. We’d say there were maybe 1500 there. This was a fairly unadventurous and tame event on a damp overcast morning, and was all over in 75 minutes. However it did attract a wide cross-section of Bristolians and was probably useful in purely outreach terms. But did it present a real threat to the local bosses and politicians, enough to make them abandon cuts? Sadly not.
Good Anti-Cuts Action report on the march, and the subsequent and effective UKUncut Bailout events in Bristol city centre afterwards.
Photos etc posted on Bristol Indymedia of the march. Continue reading Resistance against cuts – Bristol news

Solstice eve fundraising party

Solstice eve punky party and fundraiser

This is your invite from the Bastard Squad Collective…to a Solstice Eve birthday party for Fin and Myles, and the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 fundraiser volume I.

20-june_benefitSunday June 20 at The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW
EARLY START: Doors open 6pm, film 6.30pm, first band 8pm. 5 quid on the door.

Film showing from 6.30pm is “Maggots and Men” a re-imagining of the 1921 Kronstadt sailor uprising with a twist of gender anarchy! Continue reading Solstice eve fundraising party

Bookfair organising and other upcoming events

Tonight, Tuesday 9 February, sees our second organising meeting for the 2010 Bristol anarchist bookfair. We have been checking out various venues, which we’ll be discussing further. Plus we have a couple of pencilled in potential bookfair dates – the 11 or 18 September. We’ll also be looking further at possible themes for the bookfair, and its format. Plenty of items for keen anarchists to get their teeth into. We do need more people to get involved in the bookfair collective – the more people means we can organise better and more varied events. The bookfair is a very public anarchist event and a great opportunity for anarchists in Bristol to engage with a wide range of people. It is essentially your event, so dont just expect us to organise it for you.

circle-a_red_star_textTonights meeting takes place at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY, from 7.30 to 9pm. In the near future we hope to take the organising meetings to other venues, and we’d also be happy to scome and talk about the bookfair with your group, campaign, or network. get in touch.

Following on from our well attended event at The Cube on 1 February about the J18/Seattle protests, we have plenty of ideas for other events covering various topics. Again we’d like to hear from other anarchists what they think needs discussing? For example, some of us think Bristol’s anarchists would do well to hold some sort of weekend ‘politics and strategy’ gathering, which would mix political debate with some forward planning and co-ordination around agreed strategies. What do you think?

Of course many of Bristol’s healthy mix of campaigns, groups and networks continue to organise ongoing activities, many but not all of which appear on the Bristol Indymedia newswire and calendar. Here’s a few upcoming: Continue reading Bookfair organising and other upcoming events

Reflections and strategies 10 years on from J18 and Seattle 1999

The Cube cinema, 1 February 2010, 7.30pm:
J18 & Seattle 1999 – reflections & strategies 10 years on

The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective and Bristol Indymedia present an evening of films and discussion that look back to the global protests and counter-summit mobilisations of 1999, and consider where next for the movement of movements. This event is part of Bristol Indymedia’s monthly programme at The Cube, entry as usual costs £3/4 but nobody will be turned away for lack of money – just state what you can afford.

cube_1-feb_posterWe’ll be showing 2 short dramatic films, one each from J18 and Seattle, which should get your adrenalin pumping. There will be no ‘big name’ speaker, so there will be plenty of time for discussion and contributions. Scroll down for background reading links. Continue reading Reflections and strategies 10 years on from J18 and Seattle 1999

Matters of interest to local anarchists

and for those who would like to know more about anarchism

a-bookThe bookfair collective reconvened last week. At our meeting we looked over an organisational timeline for organising the next Bristol anarchist bookfair (or indeed any bookfair), and chewed over a few other ideas for the coming months that some or all of us will be involved in: Continue reading Matters of interest to local anarchists

Free film night tonight at Plan9

“The Students Think We’re Making Submachine Guns”

A Free Film screenings at PLAN 9 (inside The Island aka ArtspaceLifespace), Bridewell Street, BS1 2PZ

Thursday 10th September 2009 7. 30pm.

Fuck Gesture with Bristol Anarchist Bookfair present a night of films exploring the labour process and the process of realising alternative collective desires. Continue reading Free film night tonight at Plan9

A common treasury for all?

‘But everyone shall put their hands to till the earth and bring up cattle, and the blessing of the earth shall be common to all; when a man hath need of any corn or cattle, take from the next store-house he meets with. There shall be no buying and selling, no fairs or markets, but the whole earth shall be the common Treasury for evey man.’ – Gerrard Winstanley (1609 – 1676). Continue reading A common treasury for all?

‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….

…Just kick it till it breaks’ – Angry Brigade, communiqué no.8

The last film showing at the upcoming Bristol Bookfair, at 5pm, is ‘The Angry Brigade: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Britain’s First Urban Guerilla Group’. The version we are showing is a recently released version by PM Press of the original 1973 documentary, and includes an intro by Stuart Christie, one of the original defendants. Below we reproduce a forthright piece by Jean Weir that places the A/Brigade firmly in an historical context of struggle. Continue reading ‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….