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Bookfairs in early 2015

The first anarchist bookfair in 2015 was the Cardiff Bookfair on 21 February, and a very worthwhile effort it was – well done to the South Wales Anarchists!

Coming up over the next couple of months are a number of other Bookfairs. These act as a sort of shop window to the world of anarchism, as well as a place for anarchists & radicals to gather, debate, network, and plot ahead…
25 April – Dublin anarchist bookfair
25 April – Bristol anarchist bookfair
9 May – ARB Radical London Bookfair
16 May – Sheffield anarchist bookfair
Our great big older sister, the London anarchist bookfair, will be around the 18 or 25 October (if they can sort a venue!). There will of course be more around Britain and the World – see here for updates. Enjoy & Revolt!