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Give Up Activism

nogodsnomastersBristol remains a hotbed of political activity, and the past month has been no exception, with the Anarchist Bookfair and Bristol CoMutiny being two high profile events. As the politically engaged reflect on the highs and lows of their efforts, we repost here the classic and thought-provoking text ‘Give Up Activism’ as a contribution to the discussion.

Written after the J18 Carnival against capitalism in 1999, the comments and arguements remain relevant today, not least if social revolution is your aim. You can read the original article here that includes the notes referred to below (and some images). Also very much well worth a read, and in some ways even more relevant than the original article, is the ‘Postscript’, which we include after the main article. You can read the original version of the Postscript here. For more radical history, theory, debate and rants we recoomend the archived Do or Die website. Read on comrades…. Continue reading Give Up Activism

Notes from the tyranny of patriarchy workshop at the bookfair

The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective welcomes notes/feedback on the meetings and workshops held at the 2009 Bristol anarchist bookfair from the workshop organisers, and we’ll be happy to publish them if organisers want us to. we also welcome feedback by email from anyone who attended the bookfair.

We’ve received the following notes on the ‘Tyranny of patriarchy in the fight against the patriarchal economy’ workshop at the bookfair, from the workshop organisers – The Laboratory of Futurefull Acts. You can also read their pre-workshop notes here. Continue reading Notes from the tyranny of patriarchy workshop at the bookfair

A common treasury for all?

‘But everyone shall put their hands to till the earth and bring up cattle, and the blessing of the earth shall be common to all; when a man hath need of any corn or cattle, take from the next store-house he meets with. There shall be no buying and selling, no fairs or markets, but the whole earth shall be the common Treasury for evey man.’ – Gerrard Winstanley (1609 – 1676). Continue reading A common treasury for all?

Anarchist movement conference discussion

Contributions to the anarchist movement conference discussion

Early June saw the first attempt in 10 years to hold an anarchist movement conference in the UK. Around 250/300 people attended over the 2 days in London, including a few from Bristol. At Bristol’s anarchist bookfair next Saturday, one workshop (room 1, 3 to 4pm) will feedback and discuss the event. How we move the anarchist movement on to being a more relevant, dynamic and successful movement is a key question for many anarchists, whilst others question whether we actually have a defined anarchist movement anyway, and if we do need one how could it be structured, and to what purpose? Much to think about! To get the discussion moving, we reproduce here 2 comments circulated on the anarchist conference organising email list. Names have been removed, but the comments are otherwise unedited. Contributor A has been active in the London anarchist movement for a good 10 years, and spent time in prison abroad after a confrontation outside a summit. Contributor B has been active in London for at least 20 years and has been involved in organising a number of national events, as well as local groups. (NB: see here for more on the anarcha-feminist intervention).
Continue reading Anarchist movement conference discussion

‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….

…Just kick it till it breaks’ – Angry Brigade, communiqué no.8

The last film showing at the upcoming Bristol Bookfair, at 5pm, is ‘The Angry Brigade: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Britain’s First Urban Guerilla Group’. The version we are showing is a recently released version by PM Press of the original 1973 documentary, and includes an intro by Stuart Christie, one of the original defendants. Below we reproduce a forthright piece by Jean Weir that places the A/Brigade firmly in an historical context of struggle. Continue reading ‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….

The Tyranny of Patriarchy in the Fight Against the Patriarchal Economy

Applications for stalls and proposals for workshops/meetings are flying in for this years Bristol anarchist bookfair. The bookfair collective will be meeting on 11 August, when hopefully we’ll be able to finalise the programme of workshops/meetings, amongst other issues.

As a taster of the likely programme, here’s some politics sent in with a proposal from The Laboratory of Futurefull Acts in collaboration with The Mad Hatters (from Bath), which we hope will get many of you thinking… Continue reading The Tyranny of Patriarchy in the Fight Against the Patriarchal Economy

Bristol Bookfair callout for stalls & workshops

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009 is on Saturday 12 September at The Island, Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2PY, from 10.30am to 6pm.

bookfair_fist-poster-draft2This is a callout to potential stallholders, and workshop/meeting organisers, please apply now. Everyone else keep the day free and come down and join in the discussions, browse the stalls, and join in the fun.

Full details about the bookfair can be found here including booking forms, venue and travel info, publicity, other bookfair events and more. Or see the pages on the righthand menu.

Continue reading Bristol Bookfair callout for stalls & workshops

Social War is Everywhere – No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Land

A presentation and discussion with a comrade from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For the exchange of ideas and experiences of anarchist thought and action, with a focus on resistance to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. [Note: the summer Olympics 2012 are coming to London, and the same process is happening here – massive budget overspend to be covered by us taxpayers, massive profits for private contractors, more gentrification & exploitation & social control. What can we learn?] Continue reading Social War is Everywhere – No 2010 Olympics on Stolen Land