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Is the recession really over?

Much spinning in the media in recent months trying to talk up recovery from the present recession, with headlines this past week that the recession really is over – based of course on the governments own data. We all trust the government and its advisers don’t we?

However whilst stock exchanges may be starting to fly again, and bankers make like they never nearly crashed the world’s financial systems last year, the reality of the situation may lie somewhere behind the hopeful headlines and spin.

For a more down to earth view check out Will Brown‘s article below, ‘Can China Save The World Economy?’, and come and discuss the topic with him at the bookfair on Saturday (room 2, 4pm). You can also find some interesting articles/links on China here. Meanwhile our friends at East Bristol Debtors Alliance have issued an impassioned plea for the cancellation of all personal debt, because its literally killing a lot of people. They’ll be taking this discussion further on Saturday too (room 1, 12 noon), as well as looking at what we can do locally in solidarity with those who have bailiffs and other debt collecting scum at the door. Continue reading Is the recession really over?

Capitalism, energy and climate change

An article appeared on Tuesday, somewhat ironically as the London climate camp was still in progress, suggesting that the UK faces serious power cuts in years to come, for the first time since the 1970’s. According to the government’s own predictions, this will not be due to strike action by workers (but you never know…), but because the demand for electricity from homes and

Do not rely on capital and the state to do it!
Do not rely on capital and the state to do it!

businesses is set to exceed the available supply within eight years. Apparently this is largely due to the UK’s inability to replace in time its ageing generating capacity, which is in main due to the unresolved debate over nuclear versus renewables versus fossil fuel. It is also due of course to the fact that, despite growing concerns over climate change, the gobbling up of resources to ensure the growth needed by capital (present dip excepted) continues apace.

There are many who argue, quite correctly, that the economic growth (and profit) required by capital is unsustainable. There are others, not least the capitalists, and not just those who’ve buried their heads in the sand to ignore climate change/peak oil reality, who argue capitalism itself can resolve the apparent contradictions of achieving growth & profits whilst reducing the burn of fossil fuels and production of CO2. Continue reading Capitalism, energy and climate change