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A common treasury for all?

‘But everyone shall put their hands to till the earth and bring up cattle, and the blessing of the earth shall be common to all; when a man hath need of any corn or cattle, take from the next store-house he meets with. There shall be no buying and selling, no fairs or markets, but the whole earth shall be the common Treasury for evey man.’ – Gerrard Winstanley (1609 – 1676). Continue reading A common treasury for all?

Anarchist movement conference discussion

Contributions to the anarchist movement conference discussion

Early June saw the first attempt in 10 years to hold an anarchist movement conference in the UK. Around 250/300 people attended over the 2 days in London, including a few from Bristol. At Bristol’s anarchist bookfair next Saturday, one workshop (room 1, 3 to 4pm) will feedback and discuss the event. How we move the anarchist movement on to being a more relevant, dynamic and successful movement is a key question for many anarchists, whilst others question whether we actually have a defined anarchist movement anyway, and if we do need one how could it be structured, and to what purpose? Much to think about! To get the discussion moving, we reproduce here 2 comments circulated on the anarchist conference organising email list. Names have been removed, but the comments are otherwise unedited. Contributor A has been active in the London anarchist movement for a good 10 years, and spent time in prison abroad after a confrontation outside a summit. Contributor B has been active in London for at least 20 years and has been involved in organising a number of national events, as well as local groups. (NB: see here for more on the anarcha-feminist intervention).
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‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….

…Just kick it till it breaks’ – Angry Brigade, communiqué no.8

The last film showing at the upcoming Bristol Bookfair, at 5pm, is ‘The Angry Brigade: The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Britain’s First Urban Guerilla Group’. The version we are showing is a recently released version by PM Press of the original 1973 documentary, and includes an intro by Stuart Christie, one of the original defendants. Below we reproduce a forthright piece by Jean Weir that places the A/Brigade firmly in an historical context of struggle. Continue reading ‘You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity….

Capitalism, energy and climate change

An article appeared on Tuesday, somewhat ironically as the London climate camp was still in progress, suggesting that the UK faces serious power cuts in years to come, for the first time since the 1970’s. According to the government’s own predictions, this will not be due to strike action by workers (but you never know…), but because the demand for electricity from homes and

Do not rely on capital and the state to do it!
Do not rely on capital and the state to do it!

businesses is set to exceed the available supply within eight years. Apparently this is largely due to the UK’s inability to replace in time its ageing generating capacity, which is in main due to the unresolved debate over nuclear versus renewables versus fossil fuel. It is also due of course to the fact that, despite growing concerns over climate change, the gobbling up of resources to ensure the growth needed by capital (present dip excepted) continues apace.

There are many who argue, quite correctly, that the economic growth (and profit) required by capital is unsustainable. There are others, not least the capitalists, and not just those who’ve buried their heads in the sand to ignore climate change/peak oil reality, who argue capitalism itself can resolve the apparent contradictions of achieving growth & profits whilst reducing the burn of fossil fuels and production of CO2. Continue reading Capitalism, energy and climate change

Not just the usual suspects…

Update on benefits 1/9/09: many thanks to all who attended the 2 recent benefits on 22 and 31 August, which raised a total of £291 towards the bookfair costs (after the expenses of the gigs was paid). Special thanks too to the bands who played, those who helped on the night, and of course to the ever spikey Bastard Squad collective. Now…dont forget the bookfair…and the after-party that night at The Croft, featuring Gary Clail (of Tackhead & On-U Sound) with a 2 hour midnight set, plus live acts & DJ’s.

Round off your bank holiday weekend in style with the Bank Holiday Monday Bookfair Benefit Blow Out @ The Croft. A warm and inspiring night is guaranteed, whatever the weather outside, at the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2009 fundraiser – volume 3. Continue reading Not just the usual suspects…

The Tyranny of Patriarchy in the Fight Against the Patriarchal Economy

Applications for stalls and proposals for workshops/meetings are flying in for this years Bristol anarchist bookfair. The bookfair collective will be meeting on 11 August, when hopefully we’ll be able to finalise the programme of workshops/meetings, amongst other issues.

As a taster of the likely programme, here’s some politics sent in with a proposal from The Laboratory of Futurefull Acts in collaboration with The Mad Hatters (from Bath), which we hope will get many of you thinking… Continue reading The Tyranny of Patriarchy in the Fight Against the Patriarchal Economy