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Ideas. Words. Books. Films.

It is once again that time of year when we are bombarded by a coercive, sentimentalist, quasi-religious media onslaught that exhorts us to buy into happiness…by buying products to indicate our thanks and/or to achieve some sort of misty-eyed traditional happy family xmas. Never mind that personal debt is at record levels, that austerity means cuts to incomes and services whilst the rich get richer, that for some its a choice between heating or eating. Just buy buy buy and every little thing will be ok. Continue reading Ideas. Words. Books. Films.

Book soon for stalls as space going fast!

a-bookStall tables for the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair are going fast, so don’t delay if you want to book a table for your group, project, distro, campaign, book etc.

We have now had 24 bookings taking up some 38 tables (see list), which is almost two thirds of the total tables we have room for. Our ‘early bird booking rate’ ended on 1 February, but the standard rate still only costs the same as in 2011. All the forms and necessary info are on our stalls page – please make sure you complete the form in full, and make cheques payable ‘Bristol Bookfair’. Continue reading Book soon for stalls as space going fast!