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Building An Anarchist Future – callout for the 2016 Bristol Bookfair

BAB2016_poster1medThis is the main text Callout for the 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. A shorter version will appear on the Bookfair Flyer shortly. Check the website for Stall bookings and Workshop Proposals. Please also read the Bookfair Collective’s Aims & Principles and share the FB event & Bookfair publicity. Then come along to the south west’s largest, explicitly radical, political gathering – All Welcome!

Building an Anarchist Future
Capitalism isn’t working…

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Full steam ahead through the electoral swamp

stick_GovtafraidFBJust 5 weeks to go now until the Bristol anarchist bookfair at The Trinity Centre in Bristol, and it’s all shaping up well. Even the political parties & politicians are doing their bit for us – by acting like the complete bunch of liars, cheats & weirdos that they are.

The election campaign is shaping up to be one of the most petty name-calling & posturing campaigns ever, with barely a policy debate in sight, and with yet more cuts being promised by just about all the parties. We make no apology for having nothing but hatred & contempt for the political parties and their ruling class masters – their time will come, the sooner the better!

Whilst they waste our time and yours, we have a few deadlines coming up:
– we still have a few Stall tables left, so if you want to book one in time to get listed in our printed programme you need to do it this week. Any Stall spaces booked after that willl only be listed online. For forms & info see the Stalls page.

– noon on Wednesday 25 March is the final deadline to submit a Workshop proposal. The Bookfair collective meets that evening to decide which 12 proposals go ahead at the Bookfair. For forms & info see the Workshops page.

– all our publicity has been printed and is being passed around. We could do with help sharing it online – you can copy images of posters etc from our Publicity page and share them online. You can also share our social media links with friends, networks & contacts:
On Crackbook (FB page) here – Bristolanarchistbookfair
On Crackbook (FB event) here – 7th Bristol Bookfair
Radical History ZoneFB event and BRHG website
On Twitter – @bristolbookfair using this as our main hashtag #BABF2015 and also #AngrynotApathetic.

The printed programme for the Bookfair should be printed by about 10 April, and it’ll appear online by then too, so keep checking back. Other info will be made available as and when its confirmed, such as the After-Party! We’ll see you all on the 25 April, it’ll be great!

Book Your Stall for the 2015 Bookfair Now!

Bookfair sticker...
Bookfair sticker…

Booking Form for Stallholders – our Stalls Team have sent out a revised Booking Form by email a few days ago. This includes an ‘Early Bird’ discount if you book & pay for your stall by 14 February 2015 – details on the form.

Here’s the form:
2015_Stalls form (pdf)
2015_Stalls form (open office.odt)
2015_Stalls form (word.doc)

For Stalls queries please email BristolBF-stalls[at]riseup.net only. Our Stalls page will contain any further stalls info, as well as a list of all booked stalls once confirmed at a Bookfair Collective meeting. Get booking…

Remember please – this is an Anarchist Bookfair. Members of hierarchical political parties are welcome to attend and engage in debates/discussions, but don’t embarrass yourselves by trying to sneak in a stall or election propaganda!

Book soon for stalls as space going fast!

a-bookStall tables for the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair are going fast, so don’t delay if you want to book a table for your group, project, distro, campaign, book etc.

We have now had 24 bookings taking up some 38 tables (see list), which is almost two thirds of the total tables we have room for. Our ‘early bird booking rate’ ended on 1 February, but the standard rate still only costs the same as in 2011. All the forms and necessary info are on our stalls page – please make sure you complete the form in full, and make cheques payable ‘Bristol Bookfair’. Continue reading Book soon for stalls as space going fast!

Callout for workshops at the Bookfair

a-blackredWe are now taking proposals for meetings & workshops at the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair. Don’t forget it is on Saturday 20th April 2013, and whilst the bookfair will be open to the public from 11am to 6pm, meetings & workshops will run only from 12noon to 6pm.

We have a number of meeting spaces inside and out, of varying sizes. Two of the spaces will be co-ordinated by two other local initiatives – Permanent Culture Now & Bristol Radical History Group. There are also some more ‘playfull’ activities planned this year, so get in touch if you can help.

On our Meetings & Workshops page you will find full details about all the spaces Continue reading Callout for workshops at the Bookfair

Callout for stalls at the 2013 bookfair

Pssst! Would you like hundreds of people coming upto your stall to check out your ideas, literature, campaign, group, merchandise etc? If so you’d better get booked in soon!

At the last Bookfair we had over 40 stalls spread over 65 tables, covering everything from setting up DIY co-ops to workers rights to the ABC of anarchism and hot current international affairs. We’ve got about the same amount of space this time.

Whilst stall priority goes to anarchist groups, projects and distros, there’s always room for a few other worthwhile tables. All the info you need is either on this website, or on the stall booking forms – download one now: booking_stalls2013 (open office) and booking_stalls2013 (pdf). For all stall enquiries email us at BristolBF-stalls@riseup.net.    Continue reading Callout for stalls at the 2013 bookfair

Bristol anarchist bookfair 2013

Here we come…
after a year off we’re back for 2013! The Bookfair Collective has switched venues this year to somewhere with more outdoor space, and we’re a little earlier in anticipation of another hot April. Taking the outdoors theme a little further, expect a potential playfull mix of bookfair and fayre. But we remain deadly serious about the politics, we live in dramatic times. There is much to play for. Free up your day and join us for free.
For more bookfair info and stall booking forms see more details here.

Election over. Now for some real politics – check out these stalls!

Well thats another fairly pointless election over, where quite frankly whoever you voted for would still implement the cuts.

Perhaps the only really interesting bit will be the AV referendum result – who got the bloodiest nose, was it the anti-AV Tories, or the pro-AV Yellow Tories the LibDems? Will the government fall…? Now that would be a result.

Looking for some real alternatives? Check out the amazing array of stalls at the Bookfair this Saturday providing anarchist and radical views and analysis on all the topics under the sun, and some above it too. Alongside history, theory, analysis and debate, there are also explorations of real alternative ways of living our lives and organising ourselves. Continue reading Election over. Now for some real politics – check out these stalls!

Bookfair programme full up!

This year’s Bookfair programme is now complete, and we are completely full. If we didn’t have your proposal/stall request by yesterday, then you are too late – so please do not send us any more, you will only be disappointed.

We have booked in 60 tables of stalls, that includes a couple for whom we await payment. If payment is not received shortly we may give those tables to someone else. The list of stalls here will be completed in the next few days.

We also have a programme of some 32 meetings/talks/films/exhibitions/debates/performances. There is a huge range of topics – a history of free festivals, anarchists against the cuts, Hacktion Lab, the 114 trial and undercover police scum, autonomous spaces and autonomous unions, wikileaks, student resistance, the Spanish civil war and the German revolution 1918/9, anti-nuclear resistance past & present, austerity measures, youth crime, and why solidarity means attack. Rounded off with a puppet show history of 20 years of Earth First, and a poetry performance/rant by Roy Hutchins. We think you’ll be entertained, enlightened, enthused, energised, and excited. So keep the date free – Saturday May 7th, 10.30am to 6.30pm.

We’ll be contacting all stallholders and workshop proposers over the next few days with details. The full programme will be up on the website by 23 April, and available as a paper programme from then and on the day. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Anarchy here we come!

Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings

This is a reminder and final call to all groups, networks and individuals considering proposing a workshop/meeting/talk/debate etc at the 2011 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. The deadline for receipt of any proposals is Wednesday 6 April at 12noon.

ahead_posterlargeProposals should be submitted by email using the workshops booking form. Please complete it fully. You can download here the forms. The Bookfair Collective will be meeting shortly after the deadline to consider all the proposals. In the event there are more proposals than spaces, we may well ask any similar proposals to join together if possible. If there are still too many: we will take into consideration topics being covered elsewhere in the Indymedia & RHZ zones at the bookfair; as well as deciding which proposals are of most relevance to the present situation generally, and to anarchists specifically. Last year we had 29 proposals, but ultimately only 15 spaces. Continue reading Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings