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Statement from 2011 Bookfair Collective

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective put a callout recently for Bristol people to come to a meeting to decide the future direction of the bookfair.

There was a low turn out and as it stands there are not enough people able to spend the time needed to put on a bookfair next year in 2012.

The offer for others to get involved in organising a bookfair still stands, and the 2011 collective would be happy to help others get to grips with how to put on what was a successful fixture in the anarchist calender. We had some proposals for what form the bookfair could take , which we reproduce here to provide food for thought: Bookfair Info (pdf)

In solidarity
2011 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Collective

A callout to Bristol anarchists. Do we want a Bookfair in 2012?

9 November: An anarchist assembly – do we want a bookfair in 2012?

Wouldn’t you like to play a part in a successful anarchist collective that for the last 4 years has been organising an annual event that is both highly public and explicitly anarchist…and just keeps getting bigger? From 350 people in 2008 to around 1500 attendees in 2011, the Bristol Bookfair has rapidly become the UK’s second largest, and reflects the exciting anarchist movements in this city.

We have always strongly believed the bookfair fulfills two key purposes: Continue reading A callout to Bristol anarchists. Do we want a Bookfair in 2012?