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Anarchist Bookfair meetings timetable available now

resist_alternativesThe timetable of metings/workshops/events at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, on May 7th, is almost complete. There are still one or two matters to sort out…but people have been asking for a sneak preview – so here we go with info that is 100% correct. Read the most up to date timetable we can give you – download a copy here:
in open office format – 2011_meetings_timetable (updated 20/4/11)
as a PDF –  2011_meetings_timetable (updated 20/4/11) Continue reading Anarchist Bookfair meetings timetable available now

Bookfair preview: Roy Hutchins does some Heathcote Williams poetry

At the bookfair? You must be having a laugh?

One of the closing events of this years Bookfair on May 7th will be Roy Hutchins performing the poetry of Heathcote Williams – at 5pm in the Large Hall, on Level 5 of Hamilton House. You can catch a sneak preview of him on this video, filmed recently in Brighton. Pay attention at the start and you’ll catch him saying hello to Bristol!

hutchinsRoy’s Bookfair performance has been organised as part of the Radical History Zone by a co-conspirator of the bookfair collective. Here’s the programme notes for the event: Continue reading Bookfair preview: Roy Hutchins does some Heathcote Williams poetry

A Bristol Anarchist Ball

Kebele Sound & friends present the Anarchist Bookfair After-Party & FUNdraiser.
A truly international, floor stomping, militant dance night out. Join friends old and new to round off the day. Dress as you please. Featuring:

ANKYLYM – Frantic volatile knees up mix of traditional folk-art-chaos from Russia with rage

COLECTIF MARY READ – from St Etienne, France’s permier militant anarchist hip hop crew, in the UK for the first time

CHINA SHOP BULL – Ska’ed up dubby drum n bass ravers propelled by horns from Leeds

+ ABERRANT – disparate-post-whatever-by-South-West-punx
Plus DJs Ominous, Kylie Selassie and more playing a right mix of ska, hip hop, jungle and then some!

The Attic Bar, North Street, Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3PR
Saturday May 7th : 9pm – 2am : £5 on the door Continue reading A Bristol Anarchist Ball

Bookfair programme full up!

This year’s Bookfair programme is now complete, and we are completely full. If we didn’t have your proposal/stall request by yesterday, then you are too late – so please do not send us any more, you will only be disappointed.

We have booked in 60 tables of stalls, that includes a couple for whom we await payment. If payment is not received shortly we may give those tables to someone else. The list of stalls here will be completed in the next few days.

We also have a programme of some 32 meetings/talks/films/exhibitions/debates/performances. There is a huge range of topics – a history of free festivals, anarchists against the cuts, Hacktion Lab, the 114 trial and undercover police scum, autonomous spaces and autonomous unions, wikileaks, student resistance, the Spanish civil war and the German revolution 1918/9, anti-nuclear resistance past & present, austerity measures, youth crime, and why solidarity means attack. Rounded off with a puppet show history of 20 years of Earth First, and a poetry performance/rant by Roy Hutchins. We think you’ll be entertained, enlightened, enthused, energised, and excited. So keep the date free – Saturday May 7th, 10.30am to 6.30pm.

We’ll be contacting all stallholders and workshop proposers over the next few days with details. The full programme will be up on the website by 23 April, and available as a paper programme from then and on the day. Thanks to all who have contributed so far.

Anarchy here we come!

Anarchists against cuts and the state – what next?

We’ve had our eyes out for a decent public article on this topic since March 26 (see our article). The following article was posted on UK Indymedia on 4 April by an anonymous author about whom we know nothing. Its pretty lucid and addresses a number of key points. We wouldn’t agree with all of it, but its a good start at discussion. Obviously many comrades are discussing this privately, and given some of the actions thats fair enough – activist security is important! However we hope to see more public discussion of these issues at the Bristol bookfair. We’ve added in a few comments, mainly factual, they will start ED and be in italics.

Anarchists Against the Cuts: discussion points after March 26

1. The big question behind this: how do we work as anarchists within a broader anti-cuts struggle? The anti-cuts “movement” is where we need to be, the main front of a class war which is becoming more open and directly confrontational. Rather than merely defending the old welfare state compromise, we can see the crisis as an opportunity to move forwards with radical solutions based on solidarity and mutual aid. But we have a lot of work to do on our analyses and methods if we’re going to be up to the task.

2. March 26 felt like a victory. We outran the police, the streets were ours. We proved that, as Bob Broadhurst said, there is no way the police can guard every building in London. Noise, rage, exhileration. The biggest black bloc London’s seen. And the smartest, with all those lessons learnt from the recent student protests.

3. On the other hand, it certainly wasn’t Trafalgar Square 1990. It wasn’t Greece or Italy or the French banlieues. Nor did it have the youthful wildness of last November when the EMA kids walked out of the schools to join the fighting. Did it seem at least possible that this could be the day that “direct action”, if that’s the term, spread beyond the old hands and new students to “workers and anyone who will stand and fight”? That thousands more from the main march would get infected with our energy and break off into the streets, leaving the TUC bosses looking as stupid as Aaron Porter? That didn’t happen.

On balance: the action on Saturday looks like a consolidation of our progress since Millbank, but not a big push into new territory. Continue reading Anarchists against cuts and the state – what next?

Diverse tactics stop NewLabour hijack of anti-cuts protest

Saturday 26 March saw a magnificent protest as at least half a million people marched, danced and took direct action in London against the ConDem Coalition’s austerity measures and cuts. Thousands of Bristolians attended, travelling down by coach, train and car, and some could be found in attendance at most of the range of protests that occurred across the capital from early in the morning until late at night.

diy on main march
diy on main march

Many thousands clearly put a lot of time and effort into their protest, with a stunning array of homemade placards, banners and imagery. Whilst there was virtually no pro-NewLabour propaganda, many made clear their rejection of not just the cuts, but the ConDem Coalition and indeed capitalism too.

NewLabour hijack thwarted
Despite the best efforts of the TUC and NewLabour leadership, NewLabour had a very bad day. The TUC had worked hard to keep even moderately radical voices off the Hyde Park rally platform, with the likes of RMT leader Bob Crow and Green MP Caroline Lucas not allowed to speak because of their non-support for NewLabour. Stupid NewLabour leader Ed Millibrand gave a poor and contradictory speech. Claiming to be a part of and proud of the anti-cuts campaigns, he proceeded to state clearly that NewLabour would in any case make cuts, just like the Coalition, and indeed just like the many NewLabour councils implementing cuts across the country. The idiot even claimed to be part of a history of protest that included the Suffragetes, Nelson Mandela/the ANC, and the black US civil rights campaign, but later condemend all and any forms of direct action that involved absolutely any sort of property damage or violence, thereby displaying his utter ignorance of the tactics used by the groups he mentioned – which included disrupting meetings, breaking windows, non-compliance, mass civil disobedience, occupations and of course the clandestine armed struggle of the ANC. He clearly forgot the Suffragettes window-smashing day of anger in Picadilly in 1913, and their physical attack on Winston Churchill at Bristol station! Continue reading Diverse tactics stop NewLabour hijack of anti-cuts protest

Anarchism and the Big Society

The gut reaction for many of us when thinking of Cameron’s ConDem proposals for a ‘Big Society’ is that it is just one very big con.

riseupWhilst they utter media soundbites around rolling back the state, individual freedom and real community control & choice, we see it as just a cover for cutting and trashing all forms of welfare spending and services and replacing them with privately run ones that we will have to pay a lot more for. Very much a case of freedom if you can afford it. Most of us can’t of course.

It is of course not quite as simple as that, and it is worth reading further on the matter. The following article, published in Freedom newspaper on 26 February 2011, was written by long term anarchist & part of the Black Flag collective, Iain McKay. We reprint the first few paras of the article, and give a link to the full article online which includes further reading. Read on: Continue reading Anarchism and the Big Society

Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings

This is a reminder and final call to all groups, networks and individuals considering proposing a workshop/meeting/talk/debate etc at the 2011 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. The deadline for receipt of any proposals is Wednesday 6 April at 12noon.

ahead_posterlargeProposals should be submitted by email using the workshops booking form. Please complete it fully. You can download here the forms. The Bookfair Collective will be meeting shortly after the deadline to consider all the proposals. In the event there are more proposals than spaces, we may well ask any similar proposals to join together if possible. If there are still too many: we will take into consideration topics being covered elsewhere in the Indymedia & RHZ zones at the bookfair; as well as deciding which proposals are of most relevance to the present situation generally, and to anarchists specifically. Last year we had 29 proposals, but ultimately only 15 spaces. Continue reading Call for Bookfair workshops and meetings

March 26. Here we go!

So, excitement is building for 26 March and the big TUC demo in London against the ConDem Coalition austerity measures, and calling for alternatives such as a more equal distribution of wealth via the tax system. From Bristol it looks like upto 30 coaches are going down, plus many more people going independently.

march-26The TUC are officially shitting themselves. With a vicious budget due on 23 March from millionaire Tory scumbag Osborne that will make clear his intention to make us continue to pay for his class’s crisis, anger is mounting, and who knows what will happen on the 26th? Terrified of actually being seen to do anything that might actually challenge the government, the TUC have got into bed with the Met Police in a big way in an attempt to avoid any blame should they be unable to control the anger of ordinary working people. On the main demo expect a high degree of collaboration between 2-3000 TUC stewards/private security staff and the government’s thugs in uniform. The TUC should be ashamed of themselves, given the cops role in smashing strikes over the last 200 years. Continue reading March 26. Here we go!