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The Party Leaders debate – Clegg returns one year on

Anyone remember the 3 party leaders coming to Bristol, for the last of their 3 televised debates? After much hush hush, and leaked info, it was at the Arnolfini. 3-400 Bristolians turned up to protest, the cops erected a ring of steel around, but the chants of ‘scum, scum, scum’ directed at them across the harbour could still be heard.

The date was Thursday 22 April. Exactly one year ago last Thursday. We can all remember what happened last Thursday can’t we – the cops and council acted to defend their corporate friend Tescos (and a lot of Bristolians protested). Just as one year before they bent over backwards to defend a system they do so nicely out of (and a lot of Bristolians protested).

A year ago Clegg was the media darling, couldn’t put a foot wrong, the most popular politician around. Cameron was smooth, a bit plastic & twitchy, but thought he had it sewn up. Brown was on his way out. One year later how the mighty have fallen.
nevertrustpolitician_stickCleggthe most unpopular person in Britain, a yellow Tory, leader of a bankrupt and dying party. He lied, on VAT, on Uni fees, and he’ll keep on lying.
Cameronin the running for second most unpopular person, another outright liar, on EMA, the NHS, benefits, the economy, on we’re all in it together. His millionaire cabinet members are not. The ConDem coalition only has one policy – to make us keep paying for their capitalist crisis.
Brown, gone. Millibrands NewLabour no better, spineless, nothing new said or done. Still pro-cuts, no alternatives at all.
And still the cheeky bastards expect you to vote for them next week, on May 5th. Elections, what a joke. Continue reading The Party Leaders debate – Clegg returns one year on

Anarchist bookfair feedback meeting this Saturday

The Bristol anarchist bookfair collective would like your feedback on this year’s bookfair. Come and tells us your views on Saturday 25 September, from 2pm, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

This meeting is open to stallholders, meeting organisers and members of the public who went to this years Bristol anarchist bookfair – we want your feedback. (Plus anyone who couldn’t make it but fancies helping out for next year!).

We want to know from you what worked and what didn’t, what was missing, or if there was too much of something. We’d appreciate constructive criticism, as in ‘this didn’t work, but maybe if you tried it this way…’, along with ideas to make the bookfair a better event that appeals to as many interested people as possible, and gives them a better understanding of anarchist ideas. So what have you got to say?

We also hope that some of you will be interested in helping out with future bookfairs/related events, and at this meet we’ll be happy to tell you more about what we do and what goes into organising the bookfair.

After the Bookfair, the collective released this statement on Bristol Indymedia: Continue reading Anarchist bookfair feedback meeting this Saturday

Full programme now available for the Bristol anarchist bookfair

babc_logo_smallThe full programme is now available for this years Bristol anarchist bookfair.

Paper copies, in a folded A4 format, have been circulating across Bristol and beyond for a week now, and will be available on the door on the day – Saturday 11 September, 10.30am to 6pm at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY.

You can download the full programme as a 2Mb pdf here bristolbookfair2010_programme or you can read the whole thing online here (smaller pdfs of various room programmes also available).

We look forwards to meeting you at the bookfair!

Bristol Indymedia at the Anarchist Bookfair

imclogo_jpgOnce again this year, our friends at Bristol Indymedia are contributing significant support and involvement to Bristol’s anarchist bookfair.

For the second year running, they have handed over their monthly September event at The Cube to us. On Monday 6 September, at 7.30pm, they along with Bristol ABC present a challenging theatrical event that looks at the oppressive reality of prison life, performed by an ex-prisoner. Come along to watch ‘Prison?’ and join in the debate after. Full details here.

At the anarchist bookfair itself on Saturday 11 September, Bristol Indymedia will host and facilitate a series of talks, discussions, film shows and info sessions in one of the meeting rooms. This is an ideal opportunity to find out more about the indymedia project, and how you can get involved, so come along and see what they have got to say.

Read on below for the full programme of events in the Indymedia room, or download it as a pdf here bindymedia-room_programme Continue reading Bristol Indymedia at the Anarchist Bookfair

Bookfair fundraiser with live ZOUNDS

(Update 5/9/10 – many thanks to all who supported the benefit last night. Around £450 was raised towards the bookfair’s costs this year).

On Saturday 4 September, The Bastard Squad present their Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 FUNdraiser volume II,
featuring a rare opportunity to see 1980’s anarcho-punkers Zounds live in Bristol. Continue reading Bookfair fundraiser with live ZOUNDS

A radical history zone?

Strangely, a few people have been frowning at us after the announcement of the Radical History Zone at this years Bristol anarchist bookfair.

They aren’t all anarchists we are told, some are even anti-anarchist; they do their own events it seems; and one plonker even wondered what history had to do with the bookfair! You just cant please some people can you?

electionBack in the mists of time, maybe 9 months ago, we were asked if we’d be interested in participating in a ‘radical publishers/history’ gathering that Bristol Radical History Group were considering. Seemed interesting to us. Things went a bit quiet, a general election was called, and many of us got on with doing our own things, which for us included proceeding with this years bookfair, whilst BRHG of course ran a series of events around the election. Around June the idea arose again, by which time we had Hamilton House provisionally booked, and there was a suggestion of the radical publishers/history event running simultaneously nearby (or even in the same venue…except we’d booked it all up). So heads were put together in a boozer we all tend to visit, an idea was hatched, a deal was made, and logic ensued – a Radical History Zone at this years bookfair, to include a designated stalls area, and a meeting space. BRHG have had autonomy to organise their meetings programme as they see fit, and invite stalls they think are worth having. In return they have donated towards bookfair costs, helped with publicity, and will help with set up etc.

We really dont see how anyone could have a problem with this? Continue reading A radical history zone?

Bookfair publicity ready, help needed with distro

Can you take some around your area?

flyerfront_final1Publicity posters and flyers for the Bristol anarchist bookfair 2010 are now printed and ready to go. We have 500 colour A3 posters, 5000 double-sided A5 colour flyers, and a number of black & white posters that have been sent in to us. Now we need help getting them out and about to the wider Bristol and south west public, so that they know about the event and can be introduced to anarchist ideas and practices. We’d like to see them up and about in workplaces, cafes/bars, pubs and clubs, shops, community and social centres, libraries, and wherever else you think appropriate.  Images and pdf’s of publicity are below. Continue reading Bookfair publicity ready, help needed with distro

Mummy, what did you do to stop the LibDemCons

Well mum and her partner got themselves along to the Bristol bookfair 2010, met loads of radical historians, workers, artists, fighters and dreamers. They discovered ideas old and new, brought a shitload of books, and argued, laughed and listened at a bunch of workshops. They were last seen helping out at the community food co-op distro centre in Kingswood in 2024, some 5 years after the council was overrun and the south west autonomous federation set up. We reckon they lived happily ever after….

BOOKFAIR 2010 – CALLOUT NO.2 Continue reading Mummy, what did you do to stop the LibDemCons

Draft Bookfair 2010 posters and upcoming events

Here’s a couple of draft bookfair posters, and a 2 upcoming bookfair-related events.

Tuesday 15 June, from 7 to 9pm – bookfair collective organising meeting.
Regular collective meet to plan & organise this years bookfair. There’s plenty to do, so keen and willing anarchists who’d like to get involved are more than welcome! Come along and meet/join us, at Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY.

Sunday 20 June, from 6pm – solstice eve party and bookfair fundraiser.
Organised by the Bastard Squad collective, its at The Croft, doors from 6pm, film at 6.30pm, four bands from 8pm. £5 quid on the door. Full details here. Continue reading Draft Bookfair 2010 posters and upcoming events

Solstice eve fundraising party

Solstice eve punky party and fundraiser

This is your invite from the Bastard Squad Collective…to a Solstice Eve birthday party for Fin and Myles, and the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010 fundraiser volume I.

20-june_benefitSunday June 20 at The Croft, 117-119 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RW
EARLY START: Doors open 6pm, film 6.30pm, first band 8pm. 5 quid on the door.

Film showing from 6.30pm is “Maggots and Men” a re-imagining of the 1921 Kronstadt sailor uprising with a twist of gender anarchy! Continue reading Solstice eve fundraising party