Stalls fully booked for the Bookfair – see list here!

Well thank you kindly one and all – all our Stall tables are now fully booked up, before our deadline of 26th March. We already have several ‘reserves’ in case anyone drops out.

So you can come along and browse all these Stalls, taking up 61 tables, at the 8th Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, on the 30th April 2016 at The Trinity Centre – there’ll be enough ideas, books, pamphlets, information, and merchandise to radicalise even the most resistant of minds, and get you in the mood for action!

AtoZ list of Stalls:

Act for Freedom, Active Distribution, AK Press, Animal Justice Project, Bath Campaign Against Cuts, Bath Students Against Fees & Cuts, Black Star Printshop, BS5 Against Street Harassment

Bristol Against Arms Trade, Bristol Anarchist Black Cross, Bristol Anarchist Federation, Bristol Animal Rights Collective, Bristol Anti-Fascists, Bristol Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, Bristol Housing Action Movement, Bristol Hunt Sabs, Bristol Industrial Workers of the World, Bristol No Borders, Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Bristol Solidarity Federation, Bristol Solidarity Network, Bristol Radical History Group, Bristol Remembering the Real WW1 Group

Corporate Watch, Critisticuffs, Dog Section Press, Dreadnought Books, Dysphoria Collective, Elephant Editions, Empty Cages Collective, Footprint, Hammeron Press, Kebele Infoshop, KIPTIK

Land Magazine, Libertarian Education, Princess Pirata Distro, PM Press, Reclaim the Power Bristol, Somerset Anti-Bloodsports, Sunday Assembly Bristol, Tandem Print, Tangent Books, Wessex Solidarity, What The Frock Comedy