Solidarity call and benefit gig for Greek autonomous spaces

The social war in Greece intensifies weekly. As the austerity measures imposed by the ‘Troika’, and willingly implemented by the Greek ruling class, cut deeper every day; the Greek state & police increasingly and openly work hand in hand with the Greek fascist organisation Golden Dawn. This blog report gives just an indication of repression and resistance across Greece in the last week, whilst here and here are reports of so far unsuccessful attempts to shut down alternative media voices. Solidarity is needed – one struggle, one fight!

The following call was issued a few weeks back in Bristol by new project BGSG, as they announced their first solidarity/benefit night for autonomus Greek spaces:
(Greek text in this pdf Text in Greek)

“In Greece a social and ideological war is being conducted, with global consequences for the current economic and political governance model. The state has pulled off the mask of neo-liberalism. Now it Nazi salutes and cannibalizes; it attacks basic social and labor rights, represses violently any form of resistance, as only these totalitarian methods will guarantee its survival. Currently the anti-authoritarian community receives regular brutal attacks from both the State and Fascists.

Anarchists are portrayed as terrorists, many of whom face heavy prison penalties. Their spaces are being violently evicted and their infrastructures and means of communication; (printing presses, radio stations) destroyed. Social centres within neighbourhoods with many immigrants, act as bulwarks against the Neo-Nazi’s and their murderous practices, where reactionaries are motivated by a fascist paramilitary organization / political party which holds 18 parliamentary seats; Golden Dawn.

In the last year (see this list), 5 squats have been evicted and sealed; one person has been deported, while others are being held in custody. There have been 255 people detained by the repressive forces of state and capitalism, 140 of those arrested are facing trial. Additionally fascist arson attacks on autonomous spaces have increased rapidly. In Greece a social experiment is being conducted by the bloodthirsty architects of power. If the resistance movement there is defeated, the success of the experiment will bring the global totalitarian dystopia disturbingly closer for us all.


Kicking off with the first solidarity gig in April on the the 13th at the White Hart, Whitehall Rd, Bristol BS5:
£3 in, Bands on from 9pm (lineup may change): FUCK RIGHT OFF (brum facemelting thrashcore), HOOKED ON CHRIST (brum wrongcore, simply have to watch them), THIS ENDS HERE (Bristol H/C-crust beast), GT85 (Bristol international bike grind- crust heretics) and YcHANGeCoStuME (drum +bass H/C duo, deadliest new addition to the scene).

We are a small group of people organizing solidarity events to raise awareness and funds in an attempt to support social struggles and social movements in Greece. Up coming big event on at the Easton Community Centre in June the 8th! bands, dj s and performances! All profits go towards Greek autonomous spaces, that have lately been hammered by police/neo-fascist attacks! all welcome, all more than welcome to get involved! we need ideas, energy, people to do stuff on the nite etc.get in touch if u wanna b part of it. Whoever wants to get involved please contact us at”
[Bookfair note: Greece is a main topic at the Bookfair on 20 April – 3pm in the Bookfair Assembly Room: Greece: mainstream, Left, and Nazis – where is Anarchy?
with speaker Christos Boukalas. More details here.]

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