Safer Spaces Statement

welcomeRespect, Equality & Accessibility

We welcome everybody to this Bookfair and intend that everyone is treated with equal respect. We ask everyone attending to do likewise, respect others’ opinions, and respect the venue and the garden.

safeAs an Anarchist Bookfair we are opposed to all forms of discrimination & hierarchy, and intend the Bookfair to be a safe & comfortable space for everyone – we need everyones co-operation for this to happen: we ask everyone attending, be they anarchists or not, to keep an eye out for eachother, and to callout any discriminatory or abusive behaviour.

bafAt the 2017 Bookfair we hope to facilitate a space where anyone who feels unsafe, oppressed or abused in any way feels confident to call it out and/or seek support knowing that they will be treated seriously, with care and compassion.

As an Anarchist Bookfair Collective we are opposed to all forms of hierarchy and oppressive behaviour although we recognise that it exists, often in subtle ways, in many spaces including potentially our own. We ask people (including ourselves in the Bookfair Collective) to be mindful of different life experiences and the different privileges that many of us have due to our gender, race, sexuality, class. Educational background and physical abilities.

It is the responsibility of all of us to challenge oppressive behaviour, in an appropriate way, when we see it. We encourage autonomous action if anyone is behaving in an unacceptable way at the bookfair and people think action is required. If anyone experiences or witnesses oppressive behaviour and needs support dealing with it, please find us at the welcome desk.

During discussions we feel it is important we treat others with respect, even is their views differ from our own. We all make mistakes sometimes, if someone uses language you find unintentionally oppressive please challenge them with respect and care.

accessible_entranceAccessibility – Our venues are fully accessible to wheelchair users. If you have any accessibility issues please speak to us at the Infopoint.

no camerasFilming/Recording – we increasingly live in a surveillance state, and it would be great not to be filmed for a day. So any filming/recording should only take place with the agreement of the organisers, and of those being recorded.

no copsCops & Journos – are not at all welcome in the Bookfair, nor are they needed. So stay away or you will be asked to leave.

no dogsNo Dogs – please note that Dogs are not allowed in the venues, except guide dogs.

nofagsNo smoking – on the premises of either the school or the community centre. Take it out onto the streets please.

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE