Rise and shine. It’s anarchy day!

Well a bookfair at least…another sunny September Saturday, another anarchist bookfair. How the year passes quickly when there’s still so much to change.

bookfair-finalSo come down one and all for a day of debate, discussion and quite likely hilarity at The Island in the city centre. Whether its a quick introduction to anarchist and radical ideas that you are after, or that obscure text from 1918, you will find something for everyone at the bookfair. Whatever your motivation for seeking change is, be it workplace anger, a desire to save the planet, disgust at the big brother state, or an awareness that a huge percentage of the population does not have equality, then you’ll be coming to the right place – see our programme of meetings and list of stalls here. Plus you’ll find other motivated people from across the south west and further afield, films, lots of free info, and a cheap all day cafe.

The bookfair is free to come into. We do ask for a small donation if you can afford it, to cover the costs of putting the event on. In return you’ll get a programme, possibly a free badge, and a copy of the new CoMutiny paper ‘The Evening Pest’, packed full of the coming weeks events in Bristol.

In the evening we have a cracking after-party at The Croft, details on this site. We’ll be seeing you down there then…lets get free!