Riot Reflections as Bankers Made to Pay it All Back

Bankers made to pay it all back? Don’t be silly, politicians don’t live in the real world!

It is now nearly a week since all politicians united in defence of a system based on inequality, and determined to defend and expand it. From their terrified moments of early last week, when the cops lost control of the streets and the ruling class wondered if they were safe, the political elite has launched a concerted counter-attack using every single weapon at their disposal.

Was it all just training for London 2012?

With a display of almost unbelieveable hypocrisy around issues such as morality, democracy, community and criminality, the political elite has trampled over any sense of justice or understanding with an authoritarian paramilitary street presence and conveyor belt legal processes designed to criminalise any and all forms of dissent. It will get worse as they engineer an atmosphere of divide and rule and revenge – as sure as night follows day their class priorities and slavish devotion to economic inequality and injustice will return to haunt them. Whenever there is repression there is always resistance, however unpleasant and brutal a form it may take. The ruling class seem incapable of understanding this, as they continue slaughtering and enslaving their way around the UK and the world.

The mainly right-wing media of course is loving it and egging the politicians on to ever greater acts of stupidity, whilst the liberal media wring their hands and retreat to their comfy enclaves. So much has been written, and so much is absolute and utter bollocks. As anarchists we try hard to understand the conditions and experiences around us, to participate is daily struggles, and to apply our core principles at all times. We also discuss and debate amongst ourselves and in the wider communities we live in. We offer up here some collected reflections and links, mainly from other anarchists but also from some other useful sources.

To kick it off here’s a collection of articles, comments and analysis dated upto 11 August, gathered together and sent to us by an anarchist in Bristol. ‘Reflections on the UK Riots – the summer of a thousand Augusts’. It’s available in two formats:
open office doc (1.8mb) –  uk-riot-reflections – includes clickable links
pdf format (3.6mb) –  uk-riot-reflections – with links
Update: the editor has uploaded a slightly newer version with a few additional articles. You can link to it here.

Here’s a list of online articles & comments from an anarchist perspective, from Freedom Press.

Here’s a similar but longer and wider list compiled by London Indymedia.

Here’s a long 4 part piece by the Irish WSM on the UK riots: London burns – causes and consequences of the riots

Lastly here’s a telling link exposing the Coalition Governments Nick Clegg’s own teenage arson experience, that also links further to similar experiences of the likes of Cameron, Johnson and other Tory toffs.

You of course will be having your own opinions and discussions, and they’re as important as any listed above. Debate and the sharing of experiences and knowledge is good, but on its own its not enough – it must be accompanied by action. We have just seen what happens when thousands of angry people take to the streets in multiple locations, the system cracks and is brought to its knees momentarily. What if hundreds of thousands or millions decided consciously to do this? That is the recurring nightmare the bosses and political elite face.

Anarchy in the UK 4. Part of the AnarchoSeries, more to follow…