Resistance against cuts – Bristol news

A quick round-up of Bristol anti-cuts actions, news & resources, following on from latest protests.

Bristol IWW placard
Bristol IWW placard

Saturday 19 February saw between 200 (BBC figure) and 3000 (organisers figure) attend the Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance (BADACA) march in Bristol. We’d say there were maybe 1500 there. This was a fairly unadventurous and tame event on a damp overcast morning, and was all over in 75 minutes. However it did attract a wide cross-section of Bristolians and was probably useful in purely outreach terms. But did it present a real threat to the local bosses and politicians, enough to make them abandon cuts? Sadly not.
Good Anti-Cuts Action report on the march, and the subsequent and effective UKUncut Bailout events in Bristol city centre afterwards.
Photos etc posted on Bristol Indymedia of the march.

There were 8 arrests on the day, 1 in town during the UKUncut protest and 7 more during a lengthy solidarity picket of Trinity Rd police station. A case of the cops getting some revenge after being wrong-footed during the afternoon. Defendants are in Bristol magistrates court on 18 March, get along to show some support.

There was a further arrest on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 February, when upto 50 protesters in total attended the Bristol council budget setting meeting, which set out the cuts they will make. The meeting was disrupted and delayed by protesters, as well as the 1 arrest a number of people were carried out of the council building, and the public gallery was closed for a few hours. Needless to say, the cuts budget was passed by the LibDem scum, and Bristol has yet to see protests/actions/strikes anything like sustained and angry enough to force the bosses and politicians onto the back foot.

For upcoming anti-cuts events see BADACA’s events page and the Bristol Indymedia calendar, or just DIY.
‘Make the rich pay for their crisis – everyone to the streets’ local flyer (pdf) circulating: anticuts_flyer
Anti-Cuts Action resources includes demo tips and couple of flyers.
Challenging the need for cuts – watch this excellent & factual 30 minute film produced by Bristol Indymedia & friends.

Debate and discussion?
Clearly recent events in Bristol and further afield are well worth thinking about and discussing over the coming weeks and months. We hope groups and individuals will be proposing to discuss many of the issues raised at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair on May 7th. Access the workshop/meeting form here.