Program of the Days Events!

We have three workshop spaces running throughout the day at BASE (formerly Kebele), as well as things going on inside and outside of the Black Swan.  You can download a fancy PDF version of the program as well (print outs available on the day).

Don’t forget that we’ll be re-opening the doors of the Black Swan at 8pm for the After Party!

Event Space  (downstairs at BASE)
12.30  Decolonising Spirituality
When can spiritual searching turn into cultural theft? What does
spirituality mean to us? How can we decolonise our spiritual practices?

2pm Lets talk about s̶e̶x̶ consent
An informal educational approach to exploring consent, using games and discussions. This workshop will be facilitated by Mela and Kristie, two youth workers with over 15 years of experience of working with young people and communities.

3.30pm Kurdish Solidarity
Charlie Qereçox, who fought with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Raqqa. On his experiences, the Rojava revolution, and why we should support the Syrian people in their struggle against wahabbism and Turkish fascism.

5pm Why we fight the TERF war
Over the last year or so, we have see an increase in Trans exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) rearing their hateful heads and spouting bigotry with great ferocity, often within our own communities. Come to this workshop to learn more about why TERFs are so dangerous, and what we can – and must – do to stop them.

Resource Room (upstairs at BASE)
12.30-3.20  DIY Screen Printing!
The newly formed Horizontal Prints will be showing you the basics of screen printing and spreading info about future workshops and how you can get involved. We’ll also be digging out some of kebele’s historical screens and you’l have the opportunity to print the designs onto some T-shrits and patches.

3.30  Student Staff Solidairty
From the picket lines and occupations, student activists involved in the recent UCU pensions strike will be running a workshop to share their experiences. Workshop will cover: How to use direct action effectively and inclusively; creating solidarity between students and workers; and what can we do now the strike is over?

5pm Smash IPP, Abolish the prisons!
Thousands of prisoners across the UK serve indefinite prison terms, known as Imprisonment for public protection (IPP) sentences. At this workshop you will hear about the ongoing work organised by the family and friends of IPP prisoners, and how you can get involved. You will also hear from members of Empty Cages Collective about how ending IPP sentences is a part of our work towards prison abolition.

Library (Upstairs at BASE)
12.30pm Where are the children of the revolution? Towards building radical community
Where are the children of the revolution (and the elders for that matter)? How do we build an inclusive activist community that can support and involve parents and children? We will share ideas on how to be an ally to activist parents. We will question assumptions about children and childraising. By looking at some case scenarios we will consider how to make spaces that provide learning opportunities, are inclusive and welcoming across generations.

2pm Defend the NHS and Fight for Socialised Healthcare
A Dorset anarchist’s experience supporting grassroots campaigns, working with different groups, dealing with different political agendas, and handling the media. He will then suggest a strategy to set up a defensive infrastructure, capable of rapidly reacting to future threats, and uniting groups of healthcare workers with the users of the service. This will then be followed by open discussion.

3.30pm Writing the Revolution
This is a short talk and collaborative writing workshop exploring anarchist and utopian ideas in science fiction. Whether you’re a writer, reader or just interested, come and join us as we create a utopian society in an hour!

5pm Climate Action Update!
The struggle against the Pont Valley opencast mine continues! 2 months and 1 eviction later we are continuing with direct action Will also have updates from Reclaim the Power on anti fracking direct action campaigns this summer, and how you can get involved.

Outside in the Black Swan Garden
All Afternoon Vegan BBQ
Delicious vegan bbq churning out snacks all day. Jerk tofu, BBQ jackfruit and much more.

All Afternoon The Bristol Bike Project – Dr Bike workshop!
Is your trusty steed in need of a bit of love? Come and get a free bike safety check from our mechanics and find out more about what we do at The Bristol Bike Project while you’re at it! If your bike needs more work than we can do at this workshop, we’ll give you a diagnosis and recommend you bring it to our shop for a full service where all profits are redirected to our community work getting bikes to more people who can’t afford them.

Inside the Black Swan
All Afternoon Campaign Stalls (see full list), Books, Merch, Info and More
We’ll have the info point by the entrance, come see us if you have any questions and concerns. The rest of the ground floor will feature thirty stalls from a variety of campaign groups, authors, distributors, radical spaces and more!

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE