Permanent Culture Now Marquee programme at Bristol anarchist bookfair 2013

As a reflection of the fact that many in Bristol have an interest in permaculture, land, food, the commons and related issues, this year we asked the Permanent Culture Now resource & project to co-ordinate a programme in one of the marquees we’re setting up in the Trinity garden. We know that many anarchists, radicals and other progressives are involved in these types of projects, along with many other people, yet it intrigues us at to why many such projects maintain an apolitical stance? If these issues are not political, then what are they? That matter will be debated below, along with much more.

Below is the list of meetings PCN have organised. Note that in each workshop there will be plenty of time for discussion and questions, so don’t be shy…join in and enjoy!
You can download the programme here (pdf) PCN full programme and here the Bookfair meetings timetable.

12-1: Introduction to Permanent Culture Now
Our aim is to help foster a move towards a pragmatic, positive, social, economic and political transition to a permanent culture through sharing information, knowledge and making links between different areas of thought. Find out how this can help you develop a new world.

urban1-2: Urban Permaculture
Set against a backdrop of climate change, a collapsing monetary system and Party Political domination by neoliberal ideology, urban permaculture gives us the chance to develop our own local resources whilst regenerating local eco-systems, and helps us build community whilst building a new world.

2-3: Capitalism or common wealth?
(Martin Large)
Capitalism is in crisis, and is costing the earth and destroying society in the name of the free market. Martin, a community land trust pioneer from Stroud common wealth, introduces practical coop and mutual solutions for stewarding capital and land as commons, for enterprise and community benefit.

Bindy3-4: Bristol Indymedia goes forth
Reps from Bristol Indymedia invite the public to reflect on what Indymedia means to them and to offer suggestions for the future of the site. We hope we can benefit from some creative feedback to help us move constructively into the future.

4-5: Reclaiming the land
(Reclaim The Fields & Building Man)
People are taking back the land for the common good. RTF have reclaimed farmland in the Forest of Dean to grow food and live on. Building Man is attempting to build permanent festivals sites, using the gift economy idea, for common use.

resist5-6: Is permaculture political?
(Panel – Steve/PCN, Boyd/Feed Bolton, Mike Feingold/Bristol + more TBC)
Permaculture is a design science that looks at how natural eco-systems work and then applies this thinking to the how we design our lives. Although it is not a political ideology itself, has it become a political force in its own right through its practical applications?