Organising for the 2016 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

BABF2016_1medSince our Bookfair callout and first meeting on 4th October, the 2016 Bristol anarchist bookfair collective (BABC) has been getting on with the various tasks relevant to setting up the 2016 Bookfair.
Now that we are into 2016, BABC will be meeting more regularly to ensure the smooth running of the event…the next Bookfair collective meeting is:

Sunday 10, 24 January 7th, 21st 28th February, 13th 20th 20th March, Monday 28th March ,Sunday 3, 10 Sunday 17 April at 7pm, upstairs at Kebele social centre (14 Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5).

If you have the time & energy to commit to help with organising over the next 3/4 months then please come along, or to find out more / offer specific help, you can contact us at

Cardiff_bilinguaWe’ll shortly be issuing a Callout for the Bookfair, along with invites to potential stallholders, and requests for workshop proposals. We are working on publicity materials, sorting an after-party, and other key issues of bookfair organising. The Bookfair will take place on the day before May Day, the historically important day that commemorates the anarchist Haymarket Martyrs of 1886, and the struggles of the working class both before and ever since. The Bookfair collective has been in touch with some of those organising a May Day march in Bristol (the Trades Council May Day Committee), in the spirit of comradely collaboration!

In the meantime there are many worthwhile events coming up in and around Bristol (see our Links on the right), whilst the first UK anarchist bookfair of the year takes place in Cardiff on the 20th February (see their FB event).

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