Other Events & After-Party

A short, evolving list of anarchist and/or related events in the run up to the Bookfair, which we think are well worth supporting…

Quick List (full details below):
11 April – Bristol anti-fascist benefit cafe
13 April – Stop Workfare slavery at Homebase, picket of store
13 April – Meeting: ‘Secrets and spies’
13 April – Parties nationwide to celebrate the end of Maggie Thatcher
13 April – acoustic music + open mic night
13 April – Solidarity benefit gig for Greek autonomous spaces
15 April – Stop G8 film & discussion night
20 April – Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, and After-Party Fundraiser

antifash_11AprilThursday 11 April at 6.30pm – Bristol anti-fascists benefit cafe.

Food, chats, networking – fundraiser for Bristol’s anti-fascists and their travelling costs as they search out fascists here and further afield. Check out the Anti-fascist Network for more info.

At Kebele social centre, 14 Robertson Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 6JY

Saturday 13 April, from 11am – Stop Workfare slavery at Homebase
Picket of homebaseLongwell Green, Bristol store. Workfare sees people forced to work for free whilst other workers are denied paid jobs, and bosses pocket the profits.
Called by Bristol AFed and friends – Background info and update; event info here and here.

Saturday 13 April – Nationwide parties to celebrate the end of Maggie Thatcher
In death as in life Thatcher polarises the nation, remember which side you are on! It sure as hell isn’t hers – good riddance!
familyFollowing on from the gatherings in Bristol, Glasgow, Brixton, Liverpool and elsewhere on the day she finally died, tonight sees many celebrations promised around the UK. Despite immense media and state bullying, the hatred of Thatcher and her neo-liberal bullying legacy shows no signs of abating, and the political & ruling class are getting worried. The big event is in London – 20 years in the waiting and heavily advertised across the national mainstream media as 6pm in Trafalgar Sq – with many others promised including Bristol again.

There is also much chatter on social media, and warnings in mainstream media, of London protests on the day of Thatcher’s funeral in London, on 17 April.

Saturday 13 April with bands from 9pm – Solidarity Gig For Greek Autonomous Spaces
At The White Hart, 181 Whitehall Rd, Bristol BS5 9BJ – £3 in, first band at 9pm!
BGSGapr13BGSG (bgsg@safe-mail.net) presents: Kicking off with the first solidarity gig in April with FUCK RIGHT OFF (brum facemelting thrashcore), HOOKED ON CHRIST (brum wrongcore, simply have to watch them), THIS ENDS HERE (Bristol H/C-crust beast), GT85 (Bristol international bike grind- crust heretics) and YcHANGe-CoStuME (drum +bass H/C duo, deadliest new addition to the scene).
Message from BGSG: We are a small group of people organizing solidarity events to raise awareness and funds in an attempt to support social struggles and social movements in Greece. Up coming big event on at the Easton Community Centre in June the 8th! bands, dj s and performances! all profits go towards Greek autonomous spaces, that have lately been hammered by police/neo-fascist attacks! all welcome, all more than welcome to get involved!
BGSG info: read their full Solidarity Callout with other info on Greece. (plus pdf of callout Text in Greek)

More info: Chronology of attacks on squats & spaces

Saturday 13th April at 3pm – Secrets and Spies
A talk by author Eveline Lubbers on Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark
E Lubbers bookThe Bookfair’s Radical History Zone 2013 will get off to a cracking start as author Eveline Lubbers shines a light on corporate and police spying on activists – the topic of her new book, Secret Manoeuvres in the Dark. See author & book info.

In the best tradition of radical investigative research. Secret Manoeuvres includes topical revelations from the Economic League’s blacklisting of trade unionists, to the McLibel case to the high-profile exposure of police spy Mark Kennedy. Using, we are promised, exclusive access to previously confidential sources, independent investigator Eveline will share some secrets at Hydra Books.

The Bristol Radical History Group has organised this launch event for the Radical History Zone of the Bristol Anarchist Book Fair 2013 the following weekend.
Hydra Books, 34 Old Market, Bristol BS2 0EZ. 3pm start. Free entry. (directions/map).
Facebook eventhttp://www.facebook.com/events/160721564079360/

NOTE: This meeting will be followed by a night of acoustic music & open mic at Hydra Bookshop, from 6.30pm. Info.

Monday 15th April at 7.45pm – Stop G8 film and discussion night
stopG8Organised jointly by Bristol anarchist bookfair collective & Bristol Indymedia, an evening of speakers, images, film and discussion. In 2013 Britain chairs the G8 group of powerful nations (plus the ECC), and hosts a summit of G8 leaders on 17 & 18 June in Northern Ireland. Other meetings focusing on specialities (finance, policing etc) take place throughout the year. The G8 are in effect the unelected leaders and managers of the world economy, wielding massive power, and deciding what they can get away with in terms of making the majority pay for the crisis of capitalism. But whenever or wherever they meet they face opposition – see this G8 Dissent 2005 review (NB written before undercover cops exposed). Which is why they meet in such out of the way & easy to protect venues!

The G8 were last in Britain in 2005, well out of the way at the Gleneagles hotel near Stirling in Scotland. A significant movement developed in opposition to them, spread across a range of groups – liberals, reformists, NGO’s and Jubilee debt campaigners called on the G8 to ‘Make Poverty History’; lefty groups offered up their lefty alternatives; anti-capitalists & anarchists combined in the Dissent Network to ‘Stop the G8’. Widespread protests caused disruption in and around Edinburgh & Glasgow, and closer to Gleneagles on the first day of the G8 conference there was some success in stopping delegates attending. All sides were however brought to a halt by the sick islam jihadist-motivated public transport bombings on 7 July in London that killed many innocent people. So whilst attention was brought to bear on the activities of the G8, and they were disrupted, their role continued much as before. Poverty was not made history, and 8 years on much of the populations of the industrialised nations now face real poverty too.

into the fields at Gleneagles 2005
into the fields at Gleneagles 2005

Tonight we will look back at the work of the Bristol Dissent (anti-G8) Group in 2005; consider the historic role of the G8; and hear about what opposition is planned for Stop G8 2013.

At The Cube Cinema, Dove Street South, Bristol BS2 8JD. From 7.45 – 10pm. Entry £3/4 but nobody turned away for lack of money. (Directions/map).
Facebook eventhttp://www.facebook.com/events/426204920795262/

Saturday 20th April from 8pm to 2am at The Croft – Bookfair After-Party & Fundraiser
(this event is a joint fundraiser with Bristol Defendant Solidarity)
After-party updateAfter a hectic day debating at the Bookfair, wind down and dance yer socks off!
From Trinity centre to The Crofta map!
Confirmed Bands so far:
[Note – The Usual Suspects & Cop On Fire have had to cancel due to illness/injury.]
AOS3 (legendary free party/festie ska/dub rockers from Sunderland way)
Firepit Collective (more than folk/UK)
Class Action (UK hip-hop/rap)
Pure Evil (Forest of Dean psychos)
+ 1 more TBC

DJ sets:
8-9pm: Batko (men@ce) – Old Skool & UK Garage
9-10pm: Davros – Jump Up D&B
10-11pm: Spalding (Pigpen Social) – Reggae
11-12pm: DJ Orange – Drum & Bass
12-1am: Dan Ominous – Drum & Bass
1-2am: Pip Bin (The Large Society) – Origninal Jungle Warfare

Facebook eventhttp://www.facebook.com/events/327212370723659
The Croft, 117–119 Stokes Croft, Bristol, BS1 3RW (map)
Entry on the door £5
More to follow….

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE