Meetings & Workshops

Bookfairflyer front1The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair
20 April 2013, from 11am to 6pm.

At The Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW

Workshops & Meetings Info
Thanks to those who sent in proposals! We’ve managed to squeeze everyone in, and sent the timetable to all proposers on 24th March. You can find the ‘Bookfair Meetings Timetable’ (meeting titles only) below, and now the full Bookfair meetings programme and meetings/workshops descriptions are being published on this page as and when we get them ready! Read on…

Available now:
Programme –
front & back pages (download 2.9mb pdf) Programme-front&back and centre-spread of all meeting times & description (download 133kb pdf) Programme-centrepages. Paper copies available on day or from 10 April at Kebele social centre & Hydra Bookshop.
All Bookfair Meetings Timetable (
titles only) – download pdf Bookfair meetings timetable
Bookfair Assembly Room meetings – download pdf Assembly room full programme or read it online here. NOTE – Shrewsbury 24 Campaign meeting from 1.30-3pm cancelled due to illness. Sorry!
Permanent Culture Now Marquee – download pdf PCN full programme or read it online here.
Radical History Zone (at Hydra Bookshop) download pdf RHZ full programme or read it online here.
Marquee Z – download pdf Marquee Z full programme or read it online here.
The Dressing Room – download pdf  The Dressing Room full programme or read it online here.
The Room With a View – download pdf The Room With A View full programme or read it online here.
Other Outside events in the garden – download pdf Other Outside Events full programme or read it online here.

Spaces, meeting rooms & marquees @ The Bookfair
A. Bookfair workshop/meetings
The Dressing Room (ground floor of Trinity Centre behind stage, capacity 20-25)
The Room with a View (1st floor of Trinity off main stalls room, capacity 20-25)
Marquee Z (outside in garden, capacity 30+)

B. Bookfair Assembly Room (large meeting room on 1st floor of Trinity, capacity 80-100, will use a microphone & PA)
The Bookfair collective is co-ordinating these large meetings,  4 at 90 minutes each, most with a panel of speakers. These meets will focus on some key topics such as: Anarchism and the future of political struggle; The Shrewsbury 24 Campaign for justice 40 years on; Greece and the EU crisis; The crisis of capitalism and alternatives to austerity.

PCnowC. Permanent Culture Now Marquee (outside in garden, capacity 40+)
PCN are co-ordinating this space with a focus on the commons, land, permaculture, environment, food & DIY.

RHZ poster_2013medD. Radical History Zone (5 minutes down the road at Hydra Bookshop, 34 Old Market St, Bristol BS2, capacity 35-40). Open on the day for books & coffee from 11am, meetings from 12noon, until the end of the last event at around 6.30/7pm. To find it ask at the Bookfair Infopoint at Trinity centre on the day, or please see map here

Bristol Radical History Group are co-ordinating this space with a focus on radical history. They have a warm up event on 13 April and a Radical History Walk on 7 April. For more info about RHZ & BRHG events please see for full details, or pop into Hydra Books whenever it’s open.

E. The Fayre & Permaculture garden (outside in the garden area)
The Trinity’s Permaculture garden collective will be running a number of activities in their garden & polytunnel ie understanding and growing herbs, painting waste bins with the kids, making seed bombs etc.
The Fayre will bring a playfull aspect to the Bookfair outside, with a bouncy castle, some stalls, games & displays. There will also be 2 meetings, and some acoustic style music & comedy in The Tin Roof Shack. We expect to have our usual sunny day to facilitate this! If you can contribute to these activities please email us direct at

F. Other Events – why not warm up for the Bookfair with a linked event – a gig, meeting, film showing, play, poety, comedy or quiz night? Tell us about it and we’ll help publicise it!
Email us direct at and we can have a chat.
Some events are listed here.
Thanks everyone!

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE