Stalls / Workshops / Programme

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair – 7 May 2011

Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY
10.30am – 6.30pm
On Levels 1.5, 3, 4, 5. The ground floor front entrance is on ‘level 2’

a-book2PROGRAMME: the full programme is now complete and printed. Copies available on the day, and some are being circulated around Bristol. The programme contains brief descriptions of each workshop, and you can find fuller text details of each workshop/meeting/film below under ‘workshops’. You can download PDF’s of the programme and print it out here:
Full programme – 2011_programme
Programme front – 2011_program_front
Programme center – 2011_program_center
Programme back – 2011_program_back

Stalls: We are full, so sorry if you have left it too late and missed out.
Stalls will be in 2 large spaces on Levels 3 and 4 of Hamilton House.

Here is the list of stalls:

Active Distro, AK Press, Alternative Documentation Centre (Manchester), Autonomedia/Minor Compositions, Bath Bomb/Bath Activist Network, Bristol Against Arms Trade, Bristol Anarcha-Feminists, Bristol Anarchist Federation, Bristol ABC Prisoner Support, Bristol Animal Rights Collective, Bristol Housing Action Movement, Bristol IWW, Bristol No Borders, Bristol PSC, Bristol Rising Tide, Bristol Solidarity Federation, Bristol Stop The War, Bristol & Bath Hunt Sabs, Corporate Watch, Dissident Island Radio, Easton Cowgirls/boys(The Village Group), Elephant Editions, Freedom, FreeBus, Hereford Solidarity League/Hereford Heckler, Inforpress Centroamericana, Kebele Infoshop, Kiptik, Last Hours, Lib Com Journal, Local stall/Laura Wady & Object, Natterjack Press, Radical Routes, Reel News, Schnews, Shift mag, Smiling Chair Infoshop, Stop GM, Taunton Activist CollectivePlus RHZ stalls: Bloom and Curl Bookshop, Breviary Stuff Publications, Bristol Radical History Group, Justseeds, Kate Sharpley Library, Living Easton, Northern Voices, PM Press, Richard Roberts (translator), Tangent Books

60 tables in total. Links here.

Please note: this is an anarchist bookfair – whilst we welcome fellow radicals participating, we will not accept any groups/individuals promoting party political and/or electoral propaganda.

Workshops: We are full up, do not send us any more proposals.
(Note: In the event of an emergency or dramatic political development, be it local/national/international, we will attempt to create space for an appropriate discussion if requested.)

Meetings Timetable:
We now have the final timetable of 34 meetings/workshops/films at this year’s Bookfair. This timetable gives the time and title of each event only (fuller version in main programme). You can download a copy of it.
In open office format – 2011_meetings_timetable
As a pdf – 2011_meetings_timetable

Info On Each Meeting/Workshop:
1. Bookfair room 1 (on level 3, capacity approx 60)
apologies – admin malfunction, please refer to full programme

2. Bookfair room 2 (on level 5, capacity approx 30)
apologies – admin malfunction, please refer to full programme

3. Large hall (on level 5, capacity approx 100)
apologies – admin malfunction, please refer to full programme

4. Other Bookfair events (these are in the reception/shop at Hamilton House, which is just inside the ground floor (Level 2) main front entrance to the building)
apologies – admin malfunction, please refer to full programme

5. Bristol Indymedia Room (on level 3, capacity approx 60)
imclogo21Check out the Bristol Indymedia website for more news and info about Indymedia.
Here is their programme of events at this year’s Bookfair, which start at 11am and go on to 6.30pm. Download one of these documents:
In open office format – bristolindymedia_programme
As a pdf – bristolindymedia_programme

6. Radical History Zone (on level 5, capacity approx 60)
rhz_poster_screen1The RHZ (read ‘A Radical History Zone?‘ from last year) is once again organised by Bristol Radical History Group. In addition to meetings/events on 7 May, they have also organised events before and after the bookfair.

You can read the RHZ programme online here on BRHG’s website.

You can download the entire RHZ programme here:
as an open office doc – rhz_programme
as a PDF – rhz_programme

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE