2011 Bookfair Info

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2011
At Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY
7 May 2011
10.30am to 6.30pm

In The Tradition Of May Day…
Resistance and Alternatives To Cuts





Bookfair promo film – click these links to open film: BlipTV or YouTube
See all colour and black&white publicity on the Posters/Flyers page. Feel free to download and circulate, or contact us for a bundle.
Stall & Workshop details, plus full programme here  Stalls/Workshops/Programme.
Details of Bookfair related Other Events.
Map of area – the ‘C’ marks the spot (for Coexist).
Facebook event link


Parking: Please do not park nor drop people off on Stokes Croft – it’s inconsiderate, dangerous, on camera, and may get you into trouble. You can drop off in City Road behind the venue, or on Jamaica Streetopposite the venue. The nearest free parking is on residential streets off City Road BUT we strongly request you use public transport, bicycles, or walk!

Public Transport:
the venue is approx 20-30 min walk from Temple Meads and Montpelier rail stations (see map above). It’s a 10 min walk from the main bus & coach station on Marlborough Street, at the bottom of Stokes Croft. Many buses run along or near to Stokes Croft. For transport info see Travel Bristol. Bristol isn’t huge, its easy to walk and cycle around town. There are many bike lock-on sites in the vicinity of the venue, but lock up well.
Travelling from afar? Need a liftshare? Try Freewheelers.


Bookfair Floor Layout: The main ground floor front entrance to the Bookfair is on Level 2 of Hamilton House. All floors have disabled access via ramp to front entrance and internal lift – except to Level 1.5 which is via stairs (sorry!).
Level 1.5
– Kids & Carers Space
Level 2 – main entrance to Bookfair, Hamilton House reception area where there’s a Roads Protests exhibition & 2 workshops starting at 1 and 2pm, plus of course you can exclusively buy that Banksy print for a fiver.
Level 3 – Cafe, Stalls, Indymedia room, Bookfair room 1
Level 4 – Stalls
Level 5 – Radical History Zone, Bookfair room 2, Large hall
Disabled toilets are on Level 2, ask for keys at reception.

Bookfair Cafe (Level 3)
Run by Kebele Social Centre’s Cafe Collective. The food is vegan. There are meals, snacks, hot & cold drinks, and cakes. Cafe proceeds help fund the bookfair. Please note – there is NO bar inside the bookfair area of the venue.

Kids and Carers Space (Level 1.5)
A room for kids & carers to relax. Please note this is not a supervised creche nor a space where you can leave your kid(s) alone.

Respect each other and the venue
Thanks to CoExist/Hamilton House and their liason person for hire of this venue in central Bristol. Please respect the venue and its many other users by – not smoking inside, clearing up your rubbish, and not entering those areas that are not part of the bookfair. More info about Hamilton House.

We want the bookfair to be accessible to all, whatever their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability. All floors are wheelchair accessible. We ask people to respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas, even when you disagree. We will not accept any racist, sexist or other abusive or oppressive behaviour – you will be asked to leave. Animals are not allowed in the building, except guide dogs.

Photos/Recording: there should be no photos/filming or recording inside the Bookfair without prior agreement with the bookfair collective and meeting organisers – if anyone tries to film/record you inside the Bookfair without your and our permission you are entitled to ask them to stop, and notify us. We live in a surveillance society and for one day it will be good not to be recorded wherever we go.
The organisers of the Indymedia Room and RHZ may record some/all of their events, but will advise you in advance and will not film/record you if you don’t want it. Radio Kebele will be recording interviews with speakers, campaigns and other participants in a private room for either live streaming or later broadcast. They may also wander around, identify themselves, and ask people to record their views/comments, the choice is yours and you will not be recorded without your permission.
We have not invited any members of the mainstream press into the Bookfair, and will not be doing so. We are not arranging any sort of press conference before the Bookfair either. Campaigns/individuals are of course entitled to speak to anyone they want outside the Bookfair.
Please switch off your phone when you enter the Bookfair so as to avoid interruptions. Thank you for your co-operation.

The Bookfair Collective
The Bookfair is organised by a small voluntary collective of anarchists, helped on the day by many others. Our aim is to make anarchist ideas, practices and debates accessible to as many people as possible. We meet regularly through the year, and organise other events. Get in touch to be involved! Thanks to all those who have helped put on the Bookfair and related events, and of course you for coming along.

Funding the Bookfair
– the costs of the Bookfair are covered by stallholders fees, donations on the day, donations from the bookfair cafe / RHZ / Bristol Indymedia, and benefit events. Any surplus cash raised is donated out to local groups & activities. We are self-funding and self-sustaining, and have no rich liberal’s trust fund behind us. BUT if you are rich and feeling guilty, or have just come into some spare cash, then give it to us and we’ll put it to good use. Cheques payable to ‘Bristol Bookfair’ only. Cheers.

FIRST CALLOUT (December 2010)
The 2011 Bristol bookfair is coming at you 4 months earlier this year. Read it in full here.

Come and check it out – 60 tables of stalls, 34 meetings & workshops, Bristol Indymedia room, Radical History Zone, a family space, all day vegan cafe. Accessible to all. Entry free, donations welcome.

In the Tradition of May Day…Resistance and Alternatives to Cuts

This years Bristol Bookfair takes place just after May Day, the historic international workers day when people remember and celebrate struggles past and present. Since the Haymarket Martyrs struggle for a 40 hour week in Chicago in 1886, working people have won many reforms to improve their daily lives, both at work and in society as a whole. But as we gather for this year’s Bookfair many of those gains are being torn from our grasp by the ideologically driven ConDem Coalition. With inflation & unemployment rising, cuts in jobs & services gathering pace, privatisation for profit rampant, and an increasingly authoritarian state going to war with its civilian population, 2011 is shaping up as being one of the most critical years in Britain for decades.

The UK’s student & youth protests of late 2010 energised a faltering campaign against cuts. But still the cuts keep coming, not just here but around the world. An international crisis demands an international resistance, one that is built from the bottom up, beginning locally. The Bristol Bookfair hopes to play its part in helping that resistance grow.

Anarchists have no illusions about the intentions of bosses and the state – they profit from our labours and try to control our daily lives. Whilst we engage with our neighbours and fellow workers in local struggles to better our daily lives, our ultimate aim is not small scale reform but total social revolution, not in the distant future but right here and now.

The Bookfair will focus on resistance to the cuts & crisis, and on theoretical and real alternatives, happening right now. We invite YOU – workers & unemployed, students & youth, anarchists, friends, radicals and other freethinkers to participate as equals at the Bookfair. To share ideas & experiences, discuss & debate, plot & plan. Whether you are new to anarchist ideas and practices, or a long-term activist, you will find something for everyone at the Bristol Bookfair. As we gather the many strands of anarchism into one large melting pot, and stir gently – come along and see what’s cooking!

Social Change Not Regime Change

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