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Bristol Anarchist Bookfair Stalls & Workshops/Meetings/Films

Here are the stalls and meetings/workshops/films at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2010.
Please note the Bookfair Layout:
Lower floor – Stalls, Room 1, Bristol Indymedia room, Cafe, Kids Space
Upper floor – Stalls, Room 2, Radical History Zone

a-book-circle1. Full programme & timetable for the Bookfair
1000 copies of the  programme will be circulated before the Bookfair, and on the day.
The full programme is available here as a pdf: bristolbookfair2010_programme
The timetable of meetings is available here as a pdf: bookfair-meetings_timetable1

babc_logo_small22. Stalls at the Bookfair
An A to Z list of stalls on 2 floors:
Active Distro; AK Press; Bath Activist Network; Bicycology; Bloom & Curll Bookshop; Breviary Stuff Publications; Bristol ABC prisoner support; Bristol Anarchist Federation; Bristol Animal Rights Collective; Bristol Antifa; Bristol Anti-Militarists; Bristol Housing Action Movement; Bristol Indymedia; Bristol Industrial Workers of the World; Bristol No Borders; Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign; Bristol Radical History Group; Bristol & Bath Rising Tide; Bristol & South West Hunt Sabs; Calais Migrant Solidarity; Class War Federation (London); Cowley Club bookshop (Brighton); East Bristol Debtors Alliance; Free Info; Hereford Solidarity League; Jari Moate (author); Just Press; Just Seeds (New York); Justice for Jock; Kebele InfoShop; Labour Behind the Label; Last Hours mag; Living Easton; Long John Silver Trust & Fiducia; Mute mag; Northern Voices (Northern anarchist network); Past Tense Press (London); Project for a Participatory Society-UK; Reel News; Richard Hart (author); Schnews (Brighton); Solidarity Federation (South West); Stair Books; Tangent Books; The Factory; The Smiling Chair Anarchist Bookshop (Bristol).

a_love3. Bookfair workshops – Rooms 1 & 2
A full list of workshops in Rooms 1 & 2 are available here as a pdf: bookfair-rooms1and2_programme
A full online text version of the programme is available below.

imclogo24. Bristol Indymedia room (lower floor)
The full programme in the Bristol Indymedia room is available here as a pdf: bindymedia-room_programme
A full online text version of the programme is available below.

bristol-radical-history-group_logo25. Radical History Zone (upper floor)
Organised and facilitated by the Bristol Radical History Group. The full programme for the RHZ is available here as a pdf: rhz_programme1
A full online text version of the programme is available below.

folk6. Wandering minstrels (acoustic space, could be inside, or out)
Political Folk for Politicised Folks – wandering minstrels The Casual Terrorist (Newcastle), Cosmo (Wales), and Dr Spin (Bristol) play live in an acoustic space, quite possibly several times. The actualy times are TBC, but we’re sure you wont be able to miss them!

Full Text For All Workshops/Meetings/Films:

A. Bookfair Workshops rooms 1 & 2 full programme

circle_a3ROOM 1 (Lower floor)

11 – 12noon: Education And Social Control
by Universe Circus – Bristol School of Critical Thinking
Is education used as a tool for social control? In this discussion we will look at how education and knowledge shapes society, comparing the UK to European countries experiencing the similar effects of recession as well as analysing the current Tory-led privatisation of the school system. We’ll be asking, does Bristol need a Free School?

12 – 1: Animal ethics and current campaigns
by Bristol Animal Rights Collective
What are the relationships between speciesism, racism and sexism, and how can we challenge them?  What do we mean by the ‘instrumentalisation’ of animals?  What are BARC doing to promote animal liberation in the South West? How does the Close Noah Ark Zoo Farm campaign connect to these issues?

1 – 2: Storm Clouds Gather: Public services under attack

by Solidarity Federation South West
Summary of government attacks on public services followed by reflections on a recent local labour dispute and a discussion on resisting cuts. The coming year will see swingeing cuts to public services. Countless jobs are at risk and those that remain face worsening pay and conditions. SWSF has invited workers involved in a recent local dispute to kick-off a discussion on tactics used by the bosses and strategies to organise and resist.

2 – 3: The Bristol Riot and its Other – St. Paul’s and Southmead in April 1980
by Roger (BRHG)
The ‘uprising’ in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol in April 1980 heralded a decade of unrest in English cities. Immediately following the event, violent disturbances broke out in Southmead. This talk analyses what happened and why the latter events were ignored or denigrated to the status of ‘copycat riots’.

3 – 4: Men Confronting Patriarchy
by Men Confronting Patriarchy group
A discussion-based workshop asking: What is patriarchy? Why do we want to confront it? How do we confront it? All genders very welcome.

4 – 5: Bashing Back
A Queer Fringe Meeting
A call-out to anybody who wants to build a queer anarchist resistance movement. A workshop introducing queer ideas on gender and sexuality and the politics that come with it followed by a discussion on how this leads to anarchist conclusions and how anarchist politics leads to queer resistance.

5 – 6: Direct Action Anti-Poverty Work: From Case Work to Mass Mobilization, 20 years of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
by OCAP, introduced by EBDA
The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty has fought for justice and dignity for poor people for 20 years.  Using direct action we have won individual cases including social assistance benefits, housing repairs, and withheld wages. Through mass mobilization, we have won housing and millions of dollars for poor people in Ontario. This workshop will discuss OCAP’s model of fighting back against the harsh ways that neo-liberal capitalism plays out in the lives of poor and working class.

black_fistROOM 2 (Upper floor)

11 – 12noon: GM crops and biofuels – how patents on life mutated
by Genetic Engineering Network
A brief intro to the current science and politics of genetics examining what is currently being tested in the UK and some of the corporate spin being used to excuse it. Activists booted GM out of the UK in the late nineties, how can we make sure it doesn’t creep back?

12 – 1:  Space for Movement? Reflections from Bolivia on climate justice, social movements and the state.
by The Building Bridges Collective
We recently co-wrote a booklet of this name based on interviews we did in Bolivia at the World People’s climate summit. Back home we want to discuss what can be learned from the Bolivian example. How do anarchists relate (or not) to the messier politics of building social movements?

1 – 2: Consciousness changing games as a tool to combat unwanted programming
by The Laboratory of Futurefull Acts
One of the major problems with capitalism, is when it gets inside your head: through advertising for example, and you find yourself thinking, feelings things and behaving in ways that make you cringe! This workshop will give you a chance to explore a simple theatre games based method, to put yourself in a disinhibited state where you can actively re-programme. Please turn up 10 min early outside the room if you wish to attend but are unsure if this is for you, and would like to know more.

2 – 3: What is Anarchism?
by Anarchist Federation (London)
Revolutionary anarchism emerged within the international workers movement of the 19th century and continues to be the most radical expression of the need to do away with a society built on class and hierarchy. Far from having its roots in philosophical speculation it is a practical body of ideas that actively seeks to create a society organised horizontally and based on equality and liberty. A speaker from the Anarchist Federation introduces this meeting.

3 – 4: Which way for antifascism?
by Bristol Resistance
A discussion on effective antifascism today, in the context of the recession, the attacks from capital and state on the working class, the emergence of the EDL and the failure of liberal antifascism.

4 – 5: Union and community organising against the cuts
by Bristol IWW and Bath Activist Network
Bristol IWW will discuss how the cuts are affecting Bristol and what we can do to act in solidarity with each other and help build up a radical union. BAN will introduce the recently formed Anti Cuts Alliance which aims to build community resistance against attacks on jobs, services and benefits.

5 – 6: Free movement and the social movement
by Bristol No Borders
How does a no borders perspective form part of, or compliment, an anarchist perspective and how do No Borders actions and activists contribute to the larger battles for our freedom and against state control?

B. Bristol Indymedia room full programme (lower floor)
11 – 12noon (Bookfair workshop): Myths of Capitalism
by Phil P of the bookfair collective
From Malthus and Smith to David Cameron, capitalism has always had a ‘difficult’ relationship with reality. This meeting will debunk some of the most popular claptrap and humbug from the pervasive to the perverse.

imclogo_jpg12.30 – 1: How to…
How to tell 5000 people about your campaign, event or news in just 2 minutes. Bristol Indymedia is used by 5000 people per day who come to get news, views and happenings. We’ll show you how to use the site to maximise impact – no technical knowledge required.

1 – 1.15: Want to Volunteer for Bristol Indymedia?
Find out how to get involved and meet some of the Indymedia volunteers.

1.15 – 2: Censorship, Free Speech and Indymedia
With the Wikileaks release of classified information on Afghanistan, issues of censorship and free speech are front page news again. We look at these issues globally and locally in relation to Bristol Indymedia. This is your chance to help shape how the site works and debate the issues.

2 – 3: Schmovies presents: Raiders of the Lost Archive
Come and see the latest offering of activist and campaign film from the Schnews collective.

3 – 3.15: How to…tell 5000 people about your campaign, event or news in just 2 minutes (repeated).

3.15 – 4: What is successful activism?
Why do corporates, capitalists and governments tend to get the upper hand against us? Is it because they carefully study the principles of success as taught by Carnegie, Covey and others. Where do these ideas come from? Are they useful? Should we use them?

4 – 4.15: Want to Volunteer for Bristol Indymedia?

4.15 – 5: Venezuela and the BBC
The BBC has a duty to provide accurate information that citizens can use as the basis for participation in democracy. If this is the case, then why has its reporting of Chavez and Venezuela been so biased. Lee Salter from UWE will chair a discussion based on their research into this.

5 – 6: Detroit – ‘True Alternative’
In Detroit capitalism has left the area, leaving behind derelict factories, land and buildings. In its place alternative new seeds of development are growing with a huge upsurge in community gardens. Reel News have just visited Detroit and will be reporting back about this movement.

rhz_posterC. Radical History Zone full programme (upper floor)
RHZ stalls: Bloom n Curll Bookshop; Breviary Stuff Publications; Bristol Radical History Group; Just Seeds (New York); Living Easton; Long John Silver Trust & Fiducia; Northern Voices (Northern anarchist network); Past Tense Press; Richard Hart; Tangent Books.

Meetings & Workshops:

11 – 12.00noon: ‘Every Cook Can Govern’: From Athens to the Electoral Lottery
by Dan Bennett (BRHG)
Cheerleaders for parliamentary democracy often hark back to semi-legendary ‘golden ages’ as a foundation of the modern electoral process. Do these myths have any basis in reality & what relevance do they have today? Bennett uncovers the hidden history of Athenian popular democracy and proposes a modern alternative.

12 -1: Doing Radical History
by Lord Twankum and Bristol Radical History Group
The recent resurgence in ‘doing radical history’ includes researching, writing and speaking to provocative recreations, media stunts and interventions in civic debates. South London Radical History group were pioneers in this process, and with our own Bristol ‘mob’ will survey the ideas and experiences of the ‘new wave’.

1 – 2: Directional Discourse and Counter-History
by John Desmond
Desmond’s concept of directional discourse might interest radical historians for two reasons. It incorporates the two concepts of ascending discourse and counter-history. And it produced the challenge: ‘Is undertaking counter-history preferable to undertaking radical history?’, which he will only have time to float.

2 – 3: Do It Yourself Publishing
by Richard Jones (Tangent Books), Randall Brantley (Bristol Radical Pamphleteer), Alex (Past Tense Press), Paul Mangan (Breviary Stuff Publications)
Panel of experienced independent publishers discusses the ins and outs of producing history texts from short-run reprinting, running a small publishing outfit to the revival of the ‘radical history pamphlet’. So if you want to knock stuff out come and find out how to ‘do it yourself’.

3 – 4: Pamphlet Launch: ‘Anarchism in Bristol and the West Country to 1950
by Steve Hunt (BRHG)
Hunt looks at home-grown anarchism, with its roots in a tradition of West Country radicalism. Many colourful and inspiring characters believing in ‘The Cause’ were here. So let’s put on our black cloaks and wide-brimmed flowerpot hats and wander down to the coffeehouses of 1880s Bristol to see who was around.

4 – 5: ‘Drowning on Dry Land’: Swansea’s Jack Kerouac
by Ray Jones (author of ‘Drowning on Dry Land’), with an intro by Ian Bone
From working-class Wales through drugs, gambling and prison to punk, Paris fashion houses and San Francisco’s underground. Jones, editor of the notorious ‘Roughler’ magazine, recounts his surreal life. If chatting up Marianne Faithfull and rat arsing it with Keith Moon & Joe Strummer takes your fancy, then Ray’s yer man.

5 – 6: ‘The Atmosphere of Heaven’: Dr. Beddoes and revolutionary Bristol
by Mike Jay (author of ‘The Atmosphere of Heaven: The Unnatural Experiments of Dr Beddoes and his Sons of Genius’)
Beddoes (1760-1808), fervent humanitarian & chemist, was inspired by the heady ideals of the French Revolution and the wonders of Nitrous Oxide gas. In Bristol he gathered a dazzling circle of like-minded artists & scientists, who created a grand vision of providing free healthcare to the poor of the south-west.

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE