2010 Bookfair Info

Welcome to the 2010 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair !

Saturday 11 September, from 10.30am to 6pm

At Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY, UK

(fully accessible via ramp & lifts)

it's capitalism that is chaos!
It’s capitalism that is chaos

This year’s Bristol Bookfair will take place in the midst of the most serious crisis of capitalism for 80 years, against a background of drastic austerity measures (cuts, unemployment, tax rises, wage freezes) and worsening environmental mayhem. The class war waged against us by the ruling class has come up with an old trick, the coalition governent, this time of the self-serving LibDems and our class enemies the Tory toffs. They tell us we must all share the pain of this crisis, we hope this bookfair will play its part in ensuring that they do indeed share some of our pain.

The aim of the bookfair is to provide a wide range of anarchist and radical literature, merchandise, ideas, history, debate, theory, meetings, workshops and films. We hope the event will provide a serious taster of anarchist ideas & practices to those people new to such ideas and looking for an alternative to the way things are, but do not have to be. The bookfair also acts as a get together for existing anarchists & radicals – to debate, discuss, network, plot and plan, and of course socailise!

On this page we will be adding the following details:
1. Bookfair callouts and publicity.
2. Venue and accessibility info.
3. Bookfair cafe, kids & parents space, and respect guidelines
4. Local info, and transport details.

On other pages on this site you will find:

1. Bookfair callouts and publicity
First bookfair callout – read it here
Second bookfair callout – read it here
Third bookfair callout – read it here

bookfair_printed-poster_smallPublicity – go to this page to see and download posters and flyers. Please help us get the publicity out as widely as possible into workplaces, shops, cafes, pubs, centres and the like. With the LibDemCons wgaing a class war across the country, and the world economic crisis deepening, anarchist ideas and practices offer a genuine alternative and solution – but we need to get them out to the wider population. Lets do it! You can also help by linking to this website and putting bookfair info and images up on your own. Thanks.



2. Venue and accessibility info
Hamilton House, at 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3QY, is at the heart of the Stokes Croft cultural quarter, where occassional battles rage between regenerators, developers and corporate takeover swindlers, and some of the local population (this Tesco’s development is an example).

Hamilton House is a former office block that had been left abandoned and derelict for years. In 2008 it was taken over by Coexist, who formed themselves into a CIC (community interest company) to manage the building.

H/House lay abandoned for years
H/House lay abandoned for years

The building is now filled with artists, community projects and enterprises, studios, and spaces to rent for events/meetings. On the ground floor is a cafe/bar The Canteen, run by a sister company running alongside Coexist.

The Anarchist Bookfair will take place on 2 floors in Hamilton House, and whilst visually they appear to be the 1st and 3rd floors, in reality (and according to the buttons in the lift) they are the 3rd and 5th floors. We are calling them the ‘lower’ and ‘upper’ floors. Other floors are not part of the bookfair, and bookfair visitors are asked to respect those spaces and not enter them. Indeed we appreciate your help and support in keeping the areas we use clean and tidy. Thank you!

accessibility1The main entance to Hamilton House is accessible via ramp, there is then level access to the bottom of the stairs and the lifts to the floors above. Exiting the lifts on the floors above you will find level access on both floors. This year we have tried to layout the stalls to allow more free passge between them. If you are having mobility difficulties please contct one of the Bookfair Infopoints (at main entrance and on each floor).

We regret the bookfair budget does not extend to providing interpreters for the hearing impaired, nor translators for non-english speakers. We hope you are able to bring such helpers with you. Offers of volunteers to provide these services in the future will be most appreciated.

3. Bookfair vegan cafe; Kids & parents space; Respect Guidelines; and Bookfair Collective

kebele_headphonesBOOKFAIR CAFE (on lower floor in hall with stalls)
Is run by Kebele Social Centre’s Cafe Collective volunteers. The food is vegan, cheap, and delicious. There are meals, snacks, hot & cold drinks, and yummy cakes. Proceeds from the cafe help fund the bookfair. Please note there is no bar inside the bookfair.

kidsKIDS & PARENTS SPACE (on lower floor at end of hall with stalls)
This year we have a small area for kids & parents to relax. Space is limited. If you need a childminder ideally contact us in advance (by email to bristolanarchistbookfair at riseup.net), or see notice on the day.

Thanks to Hamilton House for hire of the venue, here in the centre of Bristol. Please respect the venue by not smoking inside, clearing up your own rubbish, and not entering those areas that are not part of the bookfair.

We want the bookfair to be accessible to all, whatever their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability. All floors are wheelchair accessible. We ask people to respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas, even when you disagree. We will not accept any racist, sexist or other abusive or oppressive behaviour – you will be asked to leave. Regretfully, the anti-social and uncomradely behaviour of a small number of people linked to Bristol’s various social movements, has led us to decide to exclude them from the bookfair. They are being informed before the bookfair, and will not be allowed in if they try to enter. Animals are also not allowed in the building, except guide dogs. Lastly there will be no photos or recording at the event without prior agreement with the bookfair collective and meeting organisers.

The Bookfair is organised by a small collective of anarchists, helped on the day by many others. Our aim is to make anarchist ideas, practices and debates accessible to as many people as possible. We meet regularly through the year, and organise public events. Get in touch if you’d like to be involved! Thanks to: stallholders & meeting organisers; Kebele social centre; Bristol Indymedia; The Cube; BRHG; Classics Freeshop; The Bastard Squad Collective; and of course you for coming along.

4. Local info and transport details
to follow…

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE