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Welcome to the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2009 programme page

Printed programme cover
Printed programme cover

This page will provide you with all the info about whats on at this years bookfair – stalls, workshops & meetings, film & media workshops room, and vegan cafe.

You can download the full print version of the bookfair programme here (1.8mb pdf): bookfair-programme

You can also download smaller text-only pdfs with fuller descriptions of the workshops-and-meetings and the films-and-media-workshops And here’s the stallholders-list

If you don’t fancy pdfs then keep scrolling down and see it all as text!

Free Info
Active Distro
AK Press
Anarchist Federation
Bristol Anarchist Black Cross Prisoner Support
Bristol AntiFa
Bristol Animal Rights Collective
Bristol Co-Mutiny Convergence
Bristol EDO Decommissioners/Smash EDO
Bristol Housing Action Movement (BHAM)
Bristol No Borders
Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Bristol Queer Café & Feminist Infoshop
Bristol Radical History Group
Class War
Corporate Watch
Disabled People’s Direct Action Network (DAN)
Dave Douglass
Dennis Gould (Stroud)
Haven Distribution Books to Prisoners
Industrial Workers of the World (Bristol IWW)
Kebele Infoshop
Kiptik (Zapatista solidarity)
Last Hours mag
Liberty & Solidarity
Natterjack Press
Polish Anarchist Federation
Solidarity Federation SW
South West Autistic Rights Movement (SWARM) (some info here)
The Commune

All start and end promptly on the hour unless stated.

ROOM 1 – ground floor:

11 – 12: From Peterloo to Captain Swing: Victims or Insurgents?
By Roger – Bristol Radical History Group

A BRHG talk on the hidden history of struggle in the 19th century. It focuses on how and why major struggles have been ignored or distorted by the left as well as the right.

12 – 1: Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay – Cancel all debt
by East Bristol Debtors Alliance & Bath Activist Network (Debtors Alliance Division)

An introduction to the work of EBDA and BAN, who will present the idea that all personal debt in the UK should be immediately cancelled, followed by an open debate.

1 – 2: Towards an anarchist parenting network
by Kebele Family Group

A discussion to consider the dilemnas of anarchist parenting – an opportunity to meet with other anarchist parents, identify issues and come up with ways we can support one another. If there is interest; aim to establish an anarchist parenting network. The group will be facilitated but please come willing to participate with your dilemmas, ideas, and resources.

2 – 3: Rethinking education
by Alice – Trapese Collective

How does education fit in to our work for radical social change? Can we work within the educational system as well as outside of it? And if so how can we build networks for popular education in Bristol and beyond? Including information about new resource sharing website/book project.

3 – 4: Anarchist movement conference 09 discussion
by some Bristol anarchists

After a 9 year break this conference brought together around 200 people from across the country and diverse sections of anarchist practice. What key themes ran through the event? Just a talking shop – or necessary encounter if anarchism is to grow? …and what about the masked anarcha-feminist intervention in the final session?

4 – 5: The disabled people’s liberation movement – free our people!

An introduction to the Disabled People’s Liberation Movement (including the Independent Living Movement) and its relationship to other minority liberation movements, and other radical social movements, discussing the Social Model of Disability and what it can contribute to a revolutionary libertarian socialism.

5 – 6: Taking on the military industrial complex
by Bristol EDO Decommissioners / Smash EDO

Smash EDO and Decommissioners combine to give an interactive workshop on anti-militarism, the Smash EDO campaign, direct action and how to win the argument for taming the military-industrial complex.

ROOM 2 – first floor

11.30 – 1: The tyranny of patriarchy in the struggle against the patriarchal economy
by The Laboratory of Futurefull Acts & The Mad Hatters
(Bookfair note: no links for organisers, but for info look at London anarcha-feminist kelektiv, No Pretence, or even this article)

Interactive workshop to create a space in which women, men and children can come together with the objective of trying to find ways to begin to practically and personally deconstruct and heal the problems of patriarchy in our own lives and networks. We believe that without this position of integrity we have no hope of confronting or changing social injustice on a wider scale. Come and join us. Feel free to step outside if you want to.

We define patriarchy as a social hierarchy, in which men have higher status and more privilege than women and children (class and colour must not be forgotten). This hierarchy of economic patriarchy operates through the status interaction (ALL interactions) between people and groups with the internalised behaviour patterns appropriate to their rank and roles in this system. These they act out unthinkingly, generation after generation in the home, the street, the school, the workplace, governmentaly and across borders. This social policing of self and others in this destructive manner leads to social inequality and mass psychological damage in children, men and women and creates a culture of disempowerment and fear which upholds the control of the ruling classes.

1 – 2: Workplace struggles
by a National Shop Stewards Network (NSSN) activist

An introduction to the role & activities of the NSSN, a look at workplace struggles, and the role of trade unions today.

2 – 3: Dave Douglass – Geordies wa mental / Wheels still in spin
by Dave Douglass, NUM activist & member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)

Discussing his memoirs ‘Geordies Wa Mental’, this is a rare and not to be missed opportunity to hear Dave Douglass speak in the West Country. Dave came to attention as an NUM delegate through his celebrated pamphlet Come and Wet this Truncheon, a first-hand exposé of police violence during the 1984-85 Miners’ Strike. He later famously appeared as a representative for Class War on Channel 4’s Living with the Enemy during which he lived, and ‘exchanged opinions’ with, Tory peer Lord Rowallan. Never far from controversy, Dave has more recently put the case for coal to climate-change campaigners. An entertaining talk guaranteed!

3 – 4: Social crime – who makes the law, and who is it for?
by Steve Mills – union activist and Bristol Radical Historian

A talk followed by discussion, about the history of crime and the formation of the British legal system. Taking in social crime, the moral economy, smuggling, poaching, shoplifting and riots!

4 – 5: Will China save the world economy?
By Will Brown – world economy group

A talk about the progress of the economic crisis and the critical role China is playing in changing the world economy – from shutting down the Internet to factory bosses being beaten to death. With handouts and discussion.

5 – 6: The spirit of utopia today
by The Commune

With an environmental crisis, continuing poverty, recession & war, and the seeming collapse of alternatives to capitalism, we are living in dystopian times. This talk & discussion will explore the meaning of utopianism today and its importance for recovering our humanity in opposition to its systematic abuse for profit and power.


The Films & Media Workshops programme is co-ordinated by Bristol Indymedia collective. The Films and Media Workshops room is on the 1st floor, adjacent to Room 2.

10:30 – 12: Short films on activism.

a still from film
a still from film

12 – 1: Film: The potentiality of storming heaven (Greece, 2009, 32 minutes, colour, some subtitles)

Action footage, interviews and text, set to a rocking soundtrack, provide a background and understanding of the causes and dreams expressed in the Greek insurrection that started on 6 December 2008, after a fascist cop murdered a teenage boy in Athens. Inspiring and unmissable.

1 – 2: Bristol Indymedia presents: Citizen Journalism ‘Become the Media’

What do the G20 protests, the Iranian elections and the recent Gaza conflict have in common? People-powered media. In each case the reporting of ordinary people in the thick of events defined the coverage, and not the state or mainstream media. Join in this informal discussion about citizen journalism &
democratic media – what it means, how ordinary people are creating a media revolution and how you can take part!

The BRHG pamphlet
The BRHG pamphlet

2 – 3: Bristol Radical History Presents: A Brief History of Corporations

A talk/discussion by Bristol Radical History Group member and expert on the Corporation, Dan Bennett. Dan will answer the questions ‘What are Corporations?’, ‘Where do they come from? and ‘How do they derive their power?’

3 – 4: Bristol Indymedia presents: Activist Film Making

What makes a good activist film, what are the main things to think about when shooting film. Find out some top tips for film making and what makes a good story, what you need to make a film and how to get it seen. Learn what you need to know to make your films count.

4 – 5: Bristol Indymedia presents: Capitalist Crisis and the Impact on the Media

The latest capitalist crisis has seen an intensification of cuts within media corporations, bringing into sharp relief the media’s subservience to the economy. But what are we to make of these latest “threats” to corporate media giants? Might we be witnessing the final demise of the propaganda industries, or will the intensification of profit pressure tighten the corporate world’s grip on our minds?

dvd cover
dvd cover

5 – 6: Film: The Angry Brigade – the spectacular rise and fall of Britain’s first urban guerilla group (Gordon Carr, UK, 1973, 60 minutes, colour/B&W)

Newly released version of this classic documentary, with an introduction by Stuart Christie. The film traces the roots of the Angry Brigade in the revolutionary ferment of the 1960’s, follows their campaign of attacks & propaganda against capitalism and the state, and culminates with the police investigation and subsequent trial of the ‘Stoke Newington 8’, the longest criminal trial in British legal history. “You can’t reform profit capitalism and inhumanity. Just kick it till it breaks” – AB Communique No.8


Is run by Kebele Social Centre’s Cafe Collective volunteers. The food is vegan, cheap, and delicious. There are meals, snacks, hot & cold drinks, and yummy cakes. Proceeds from the cafe help fund the bookfair. Please note there is no bar at the event.


  • Thanks to the ArtspaceLifespace collective for hire of their amazing venue, right here in the centre of Bristol. Please respect the venue by not smoking inside, clearing up your own rubbish, and not entering those areas that are not part of the bookfair.
  • We want the bookfair to be accessible to all, whatever their age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or ability. The ground floor is wheelchair accessible.
  • We ask people to respect each other’s opinions and allow the free flow of ideas, even when you disagree. BUT note we will not accept any racist, sexist or other abusive or oppressive behaviour – you will be asked to leave.
  • We discourage people bringing animals to the event, except guide dogs, as it is unfair to the animals and disruptive to others.
  • Lastly there will be no photos or recording at the event without prior agreement with the organising collective.

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE