2009 Bookfair Info

bookfair_fist_draftWelcome to the 2009 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair!

12 September 2009 – 10.30am to 6.00pm
at The Island, Silver St/Bridewell St, Bristol BS1 2PY

(wheelchair accessible – main hall and ground floor)

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2. Venue info

3. Accessability
4. Getting there – travel & map

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1. Bookfair Callout

The 2009 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair takes place amidst the worst worldwide economic recession, and crisis of capitalism, for 80 years. It is no surprise then that this years bookfair is loosely themed around Resistance and Alternatives to Recession. We live in dark and worrying times, but they are also times of hope as people question the viciousness, stupidity, inherent greed and unsustainability of a socio-economic model based on exploitation, profit and control…

The bookfair? A full range of anarchist ideas and practices with over 35 stalls, many workshops & debates, films and a cafĂ©. Extensive selection of books, pamphlets, mags & zines, info, music, badges & merchandise. Short and clear introductions to anarchist theory. Complex debate and anarchist history. Something for everyone – interested newcomer, or longstanding anarchist activist.

This year has shown clearly that the present capitalist system and parliamentary democracy doesn’t work for the vast majority of us. The greed and fraud of big business, the corporations, and the finance system is matched only by the corruption and self-interest of our politicians at all levels. As the recession bites they make us pay for it – unemployment, cuts in wages & services, tax increases, big brother, murderous wars, climate chaos, divisive racism and the like are inevitable whoever wins the next election. The big question is: how long are you prepared to put up with this?

It doesn’t have to be like this, nothing is set in stone, change is always possible. Anarchists are not romantic dreamers nor utopian idealists. We live, work, play and struggle day to day, putting our ideas into practice in the here and now locally and nationally. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we believe our core beliefs of co-operation, solidarity, direct action, creativity, resistance & mutual aid provide the basis for a new way of living. We are confident in what we have to offer, can you afford not to check it out?

Come and join us to find out more, you only have to step in through the door…

2. Venue info – The Island

This year we are moving the anarchist bookfair to a venue right in the centre of Bristol, just metres from the central shopping district, and metres from the city centre cop shop. The Island’s central location makes us more accessible to all Bristolians and those coming from elsewhere in the south west. The venue provides us with more room for stalls, all in the one large hall. Plus there’ll be 2 meeting rooms, an all day film room including media workshops, and a vegan cafe. The venue has an outdoor smoking area in its central courtyard, but inside it is of course NO smoking.

Public entry to the bookfair will be through one of the large doors of the olde fire station, which are on Bridewell Street, around the corner from Silver Street.

The Island is the latest project from Bristol’s innovative ArtspaceLifespace collective, who recycle disused and/or underused spaces & buildings. The Bookfair collective greatly appreciates their assistance in putting on the 2009 bookfair.

3. Accessibility and inclusivity

The bookfair is not just for anarchists and other radicals and freethinkers. It is for everybody concerned about the mess in this country and across the planet. If you are interested in the need for something different, for social change, then you are welcome – whatever your age, gender, ethnicity, ability or sexuality.

We welcome the free exchange of ideas and opinions, and encourage all participants & visitors to respect each others opinions. However we will not accept oppressive or intolerant behaviour, and you will be told to leave.

We have moved to a city centre venue to make it easier fror all Bristolians and visitors from across the south west to attend. The ground floor of the venue is fully wheelchair accessible, and there is a wheelchair toilet accessible via the venue’s internal courtyard – please ask at the Bookfair Infopoint for help. We regret 1 meeting room and the films & media workshop room are on the 1st floor (approx 20 steps), however we will do all we can to help you access these rooms if you wish to.

We are also unable to provide signing for those with hearing difficulties due to lack of funds but welcome anyone who could help with this. We discourage people bringing animals as it is not fair on the animals, and can be disruptive or discomforting for other participants. Guide dogs are of course welcome. We regret we have no creche or child space, again due to lack of funds, and lack of appropriate space, but children/young people are very welcome and we ask carers & other participants to ensure their safety. Lastly please note the building is no smoking throughout and we want to maintain a smoke free atmosphere. There is a smoking area in the internal courtyard but please do not smoke close to the exit doors there (and please try to avoid smoking outside the main entrance).

Filming, photography and corporate journalism is not encouraged nor allowed, except by prior agreement with the bookfair collective and other participants. Our lives are blighted by intrusive cameras and state-sponsored observation, and by corporate media spin & lies. We wish to create a day free from such intrusion. All bookfair activities take place quite openly, we have nothing to hide.

If you have any queries, suggestions, or complaints on the day please come to the Bookfair Infopoint. We hope you have an interesting, informative and enjoyable day.

4. Getting there – travel info & map

We hope as many people as possible will come on foot or by bike, there are a lot of bike lock-on sites nearby. For public transport, the central bus & coach terminal in Marlborough St is just 3 minutes away and many bus stops are nearby in and around the Broadmead shopping temple complex. Temple Meads rail station is a 15 minute walk away. More travel info. If you do have to drive be warned parking can be quite expensive, and is limited. The nearest free parking is a 15 minute walk away up North St/Stokes Croft (A38) and then right into the already crowded neighbourhoods of Montpellier or St Pauls.

There is a map here, but if the link fails use the full postal address of The Island to search on any online map – it is Silver Street or Bridewell Street, Bristol BS1 2PY

Saturday May 12th 2018 Taking place at the Black Swan and BASE