Occupation, Occupation, Occupation!

Films and discussion on the schools and factories fighting back against the recession.

occupation_bookfair-eventWednesday 13th May 7PM, £Donation, all welcome
Kebele Co-op, 14 Robertson Road, Easton BS5 6JY

Across the UK people are starting to respond to the economic crisis.
In Glasgow, parents occupy a school to protest against closure and spending cuts. Then 600 ex-Ford workers at Visteon auto-parts factories are sacked with 6 minutes notice without redundancy pay. They responded by occupying their factories, and are now on the verge of winning, at least, decent redundancy payouts. These ideas for resistance are starting to circulate, with Belfast Visteon workers visiting school occupations in solidarity.

Here in Bristol and the south west job losses are beginning to mount and the prospects look bleak as we face a future of cuts in services and benefits, tax rises, and all the day-to-day problems of economic recession.

Join us to watch some films, for the latest news on these occupations, and to share your stories and ideas. What can we do collectively to resist?

Hosted by Bristol Anarchist Bookfair and Kebele World Economy Group.