Bristol Radical History Group, Bristol Anarchist Bookfair and Bristol Wireless presents:

‘Nowtopia: How pirate programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists and Vacant-Lot Gardeners are inventing the future today!’

Chris Carlsson, author, academic and founder of the Critical Mass bicyclist movement is over from San-Fran to talk about his new book.nowtopia-new

“Nowtopia is a book about a new politics of work. It profiles tinkerers, inventors, and improvisational spirits who bring an artistic approach to important tasks that are ignored or undervalued by market society. Rooted in practices that have been emerging over the past few decades, Nowtopia’s exploration of work locates an important thread of self-emancipatory class politics beyond the traditional arena of wage-labor”

Friday 3rd April – Presentation and talk at St Werburghs Community Centre , starts at 6pm, entry by donation

Saturday 4th April – 10am walk and talk at Royate Hill Community Allotment followed by 11am Breakfast at Kebele Social Centre followed by A visit to Eastside Roots at 12.30pm.

For more on the book & author see:

These events will be of interest to Radical historians & futurers, permaculturalists, free-skillers, open sourcerers, class warriors, transition towners and anarchistas and workplace tinkerers.

See you there!

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