New Banksy Fundraising Print at The Bookfair

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair was contacted on Tuesday by Banksy’s associates advising that he has produced a poster to be exclusively sold at the Bookfair – as a fundraiser for local groups in the Stokes Croft/Bristol area who support local art, squatting and those arrested & harassed as a result of the recent Stokes Croft disturbances.

banksy-printThe poster has been released online at Pictures On Walls, announcing it is available for £5, with the following statement: “After the recent Tesco riots in Bristol Banksy has produced this fine commemorative souvenir poster. It’s available exclusively from Bristol’s Anarchist Bookfair this coming Saturday. All proceeds go to the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft and associates.”

We understand the ‘associates’ will be using any funds raised to support Stokes Croft defendants and those in housing need.

We are sure that the authorities in Bristol, along with the local corporate media, who have been so full of praise for Banksy in recent times, will appreciate this gesture and not lose their sense of humour.
Babs Janke Quote: “Or perhaps you queued with hundreds of thousands of others from all over the world for the summer’s surprise cultural hit, the Banksy exhibition at the city museum.”
October 2009 quote: Deputy city council leader Simon Cook said: “We are absolutely delighted to hear the figure of £15m. I’ve always believed that culture pumps the economy. We were told by Banksy’s PR people that we would get 100,000 people to the exhibition – in fact we got more than 300,000. I think there is a great feeling of warmth towards Banksy with his legacy of artwork around Bristol and beyond.”

Avon & Somerset Police, and Tescos, are unavailable for comment.

We think the poster is ace. Nice one.

The poster is only available at the Bookfair. Do not email us asking to send you a copy. More details when we get them.

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