Mummy, what did you do to stop the LibDemCons

Well mum and her partner got themselves along to the Bristol bookfair 2010, met loads of radical historians, workers, artists, fighters and dreamers. They discovered ideas old and new, brought a shitload of books, and argued, laughed and listened at a bunch of workshops. They were last seen helping out at the community food co-op distro centre in Kingswood in 2024, some 5 years after the council was overrun and the south west autonomous federation set up. We reckon they lived happily ever after….


Dear campaign groups, networks, workers, activists, distros, and above all PEOPLE!

Your Bookfair needs you.

latest bookfair poster - to the printers this week
latest bookfair poster - to the printers this week

The third annual Bristol Anarchist Bookfair will happen on Saturday September 11th at Hamilton House, 80 Stokes Croft, Bristol. It is from 10.30am to 6.00pm and the bookfair collective wants you there.

The date of the event draws near, just nine weeks to go now. The deadline for applications for stalls & workshops is the 9th of August if you want to appear in the programme, as it needs to go off to the printers. (That’s one month away people!)

The sooner we get those applications landing on the doorstep of Bookfair HQ the sooner we can put time into those little details that make Bristol Anarchist Bookfair stand out as a major event in the radical diary of the South-West.

bookfair flyer back draft
bookfair flyer back draft

This event will not be a major success without radical groups, publishers and individuals in Bristol and Beyond holding stalls and workshops…so it’s over to you people now.

Please put it high up the agenda of your next meeting, hopefully you will agree to do something, and ideally both a stall and a workshop (or even a film/slideshow/talk/debate/recital/radical walk).

The original full call out is here and the booking form is available on the website – click on Stalls & Workshops.
For help or info e-mail us or contact 0772nine846five65.

Love & Rage
The Bookfair Collective