Matters of interest to local anarchists

and for those who would like to know more about anarchism

a-bookThe bookfair collective reconvened last week. At our meeting we looked over an organisational timeline for organising the next Bristol anarchist bookfair (or indeed any bookfair), and chewed over a few other ideas for the coming months that some or all of us will be involved in:

  • supporting a new anarchist discussion group that kicks off on 26 November.
  • running a joint film night with Bristol Indymedia in the new year, that will look back at events of ten years ago, in 1999 – the J18 Carnival against capitalism in London’s city square mile; and the N30 protests against the WTO in Seattle. What happened to the anti-globalisation movement that was then nearing its peak? And why? What’s changed ten years on?
  • a possible radical film festival in Bristol.
  • a possible Bristol anarchist politics & strategy gathering.

We’ll be having another short meeting on Tuesday 1 December at Kebele social centre, all welcome. We’ll then be back on Sunday 10 January running a cafe and film night at kebele from 6pm. This will be followed by the first bookfair collective meet of 2010 on Tuesday 12 January at which we’ll begin to plot and plan for the 2010 bookfair, focusing on venues and political themes/ideas. That meeting will also be at kebele, for meetings after that we hope to try and move around the city a bit more.

In the meantime, one of the collective has retired after this years bookfair, and the rest of us all have other activities on the go. So we are looking for more local anarchists to get involved with the collective, in particular we’d welcome female comrades coming on board to help out. One of the collective has penned this ‘small ad’ to encourage you: “Seven guys (mainly called Steve), GSOH, slim’ish, 22-48. Hobbies include organising events, film nights, gigs, discussion groups, workshops and bookfairs but in need of some female influence. Seek Anarchist minded women any age, colour, sexuality or background for cosy occasional Tuesday evenings around the meeting table to share interests and conversational tangents. (Men also accepted) – contact to arrange a date.”

Upcoming events of interest for local anarchists:

bariFilm about Judi Bari, EF! activist and IWW member in the US. Thursday 19 November, 6pm at Arnolfini. ‘The Forest for the Trees’ (2006 – edited version of 2004 original). Presented by the Trapese Collective, part of the C Words season. Its free. Full details.
In 1990 Bari and a comrade were carbombed by the FBI…and arrested as terrorists. No charges were ever laid against them. In 2002 their lawsuit against the FBI/state saw them vindicated and awarded over $4million. Bari, disabled by the bomb, died in 1997 with cancer. Powerful stuff.

Bristol IWW branch meeting and social. Friday 20 November, 7pm sharp, at the GWRSA club by Temple Meads station. Venue details.
A union for all local anarchist and radical workers, whether employed or not. Overworked, underpaid, pissed off with the bosses and union buareacrats? Come and get stuck in. More info about the IWW in the UK.

gigKebele social centre’s 14th anniversary bash. Saturday 21 November, at Easton Community Centre, 9pm to 2am. £6 on door. Full details.
The magnificent kebele still going strong, much to the chagrin of its detractors! Back at the ECC, scene of many a previous party. Top night out guaranteed, and no money goes to corporate venue/promoter scum.

Bristol ABC prisoner support group cafe & film night. Sunday 22 November, at Kebele social centre. Food from 6pm, films from 7.30pm.
Bristol ABC help you recover from the Kebele party with a wholesome vegan meal, and then show you 2 cracking films to remind you that there are prisoners in the social war against capital and the state – ‘The Greek prison revolts of 2007’ and ‘The Angry Brigade – the spectacular rise and fall of Britains first urban guerilla group’.

copGoing to the COP 15 events (Copenhagen climate summit) to disrupt the workings of international capital and the ruling elite? Wanna bash a banker and punch a politician, but not get caught? 2 nights of discussions and preparations for Bristol activists seeking social change not climate change – 23 and 24 November, from 6pm, at Kebele social centre. meal included. Details.

New anarchist discussion group. Thursday 26 November, from 7pm, at kebele social centre. Details & intro.

abc-benefit_51209Prisoner support benefit bash. Saturday 5 December, from 8pm, at The White Hart pub in Easton. £5 on the door.
The Bastard Squad present a punky/ska/dub benefit for Bristol ABC, with Wlochaty, Spanner, The Extinguishers and Six Fish. Projections and stalls. Full details.

Further on in December, the 6th marks the first anniversary of the murder of the teenager Alexis in Athens by fascist cops (who were due to go on trial on 15 December, now delayed until mid-January). Expect mass protests, riots, state repression, and solidarity actions. Closely followed by the black block and friends running amok in Copenhagen (7 to 18 December), delivering some class justice to the corporate scum and corrupt politicos trashing our planet. What a way to warm up for 2010!