Marquee Z full programme at the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair

These are the meetings in Marquee Z. These meetings have been organised by campaign groups and/or individuals, and are intended to generate discussion. Thanks to the meeting organisers for their efforts. You can download this meeting info as a pdf Marquee Z full programme.

Marquee Z is located outside in the garden at Trinity Centre. It will hold 30+ people seated. Meetings start at 12noon, and end at 6pm. Please enter & leave the space promptly so the next meeting gets its maximum time.

12-1: Freedom Through Football: the Anatomy of an alternative sports club.
(Will/Easton Cowboys & Girls)
Freedom Through Football? Talk about the Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls, their experiences as an alternative/anarchist club. Plus discussion – ‘what potential is there for sport in general as a radical force?’

teardownwalls1-2: Why Prison Abolition?
(Bristol ABC)
Discussion: Why we talk about ‘prison abolition’, and its implications? Abolition for all prisoners? Who benefits from the prison system? How can concepts like practical solidarity & letter writing break down prison walls? What can you do in your local area?

2-3: The case against deportation charter flights
(Stop Deportations & Corporate Watch)
Increasingly the UK’s way of deporting lots of migrants to a growing list of countries. CW & SD’s extensive research into these flights found unpublished details, evidence of unlawfulness, avenues for legal challenges etc. Learn how it works & how you can stop it!

coal-open3-4: Resisting Extreme Energy – from Mountain Top Removal to Fracking
(Bristol Rising Tide & Frack Free Somerset)
Using the Beehive Collective artwork ‘The True Cost of Coal’ we tell the story of mountain top removal in the USA. Themes of land grabs, exploitation of communities & environmental destruction will be related to other forms of extreme energy, and the campaign to resist fracking.

4-5: If Not Now, When? Can we Live Ethically/Anarchically Within State-Capitalism?
(Matt Wilson)
Lifestyle politics finds support and disapproval amongst radicals. A necessary part of creating ‘a new world in the shell of the old’, or a distraction from radical social change? Will it strengthen state-capitalism, or contribute to its downfall?

chiapas5-6: Café Libertad: Solidarity, Fair Trade and the Free Market
(Cafe Libertad Kollectiv/CLK – Hamburg)
A founder of CLK discusses the successes & problems of fair trade, the free market & ‘economic solidarity’. For 12 years, the anarcho-syndicalist CLK has had a major role in distributing Zapatista coffee from the autonomous zones of Chiapas, Mexico. More info.