March 26. Here we go!

So, excitement is building for 26 March and the big TUC demo in London against the ConDem Coalition austerity measures, and calling for alternatives such as a more equal distribution of wealth via the tax system. From Bristol it looks like upto 30 coaches are going down, plus many more people going independently.

march-26The TUC are officially shitting themselves. With a vicious budget due on 23 March from millionaire Tory scumbag Osborne that will make clear his intention to make us continue to pay for his class’s crisis, anger is mounting, and who knows what will happen on the 26th? Terrified of actually being seen to do anything that might actually challenge the government, the TUC have got into bed with the Met Police in a big way in an attempt to avoid any blame should they be unable to control the anger of ordinary working people. On the main demo expect a high degree of collaboration between 2-3000 TUC stewards/private security staff and the government’s thugs in uniform. The TUC should be ashamed of themselves, given the cops role in smashing strikes over the last 200 years. And equally ashamed that NewLabour leader and pro-cuts twit Ed Milliband has been invited to speak – we reckon he’ll bottle it, or get bottled, or both.

march-26-action-mapHowever it is likely this event will now be so big that the TUC and the cops will not have their usual level of control. It is estimated the march could take upto 6 hours to actually leave its starting point. Many, many people may well decide to skip the main start point, and join in with the large number of feeder marches and independent actions called by a large number of other groups/networks actively opposing the cuts. We certainly agree that this is a far more effective way of taking action, and a lot more fun than standing still by a river in central London. There is a fairly comprehensive list of alternative actions and groups organising them on the Freedom website. Also a good feature on UK Indymedia. Check it out, get there early, and make it a day to remember. For legal support on the day ignore Liberty as they are far too friendly with the cops, instead rely on the unconditional support offered by Green&Black Cross and LDMG legal observers and bust cards – they are most likely gonna be present on the feeder marches and known other direct actions. Remember – be angry, have fun, stay safe, avoid kettles and arrest.

In the meantime get yourself in the mood. The old romantics amongst you might like to re-watch the film ‘V for Vendetta’, actually a highly political film. But if you dont have time for that watch this little rabble-rousing video. Plus you dont have to wait until the 26th before protesting. If you go on 1 protest the government & bosses can live with it, but what they really fear is more and more people continually engaging in protests, strikes, occupations, pickets and other forms of self-organised direct action.

So you can warm up for the 26th with these known events in Bristol this week, and keep an eye on Bristol Indymedia for more:
March 22 & 24 – UCU (college union) strikes. See this solidarity statement.
March 24 – central Bristol demo to oppose cuts to english classes for those who need them.
March 24 – give Tory Defence minister Liam Fox a right Bristol greeting when he turns up to gladhand all those merchants of mass destruction & profit.
Everyone to the streets!
(Plenty to talk about at the bookfair after this one we reckon!)

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