Kid’s BASE

For the younger rebels and trouble makers we have a range of anarchist inspired activities. They will be taking place at the Kid’s BASE (the front room on the ground floor of BASE/Kebele), from open ’till close.

12-1 – Placard making, Decorating balloons with your dreams for the future, co-op games
1-2 – “Decisions, Decisions” workshop
2-3 – Zine making
3-4 – Pie a Politician
4-5 – Mask Making, Flag Burning For Beginners, co-op games
5-6 – Antifascist Skittles

On going activities throughout the day include:
Badge making , Anarchists in Hiding, Coloured pens & paper, Anti-colouring book, Balloons, Cards for Prisoners, Kids’ story books

NB We ask parents and carers to stay and play with kids as this is not a creche.

You may also be interested in the event ‘Where are the children of the revolution?’ 12.30pm – 2pm in the Library at BASE/Kebele.