Kebele social centre – a 20 year anarchist experiment

Kebe_20logo_pinkSMKebele social centre, in Easton, Bristol, has now been going for 20 years and is celebrating by holding a NovemberFest – which is in fact 6 weeks worth of activities, events, workshops, cafes, parties & arts – alongside it’s normal weekly activities. As ever events are either free, or for a suggested donation of just a few pounds, and nobody is turned away because they are skint.

Hist_KebTwo years ago when Kebele was just 18 years old, we posted an appreciation & short historical record about it, and in March of this year when there was a ‘Kebele Open Day’ we commented again. You can read here the principles‘ that guide Kebele – anarchy in action, and long may you last!

Kebele has been something of a spiritual home for the Bookfair since we re-started Anarchist Bookfairs in Bristol back in 2008. It has been our admin base, organising place, storage space and long-term Bookfair partner, providing the Bookfair cafes as well as stalls & many helpers. It is well known that there’s always been a fair cross-over between Kebele activists and members of the Bookfair Collective! So thank you Kebele.

KebeleA_medIf you’ve not been to Kebele then you should come and check it out, if you’ve been before then come back and meet some old friends. One of the beauties of Kebele has always been thats it’s acted as a sort of hub in Bristol – a space where people meet up, get to know eachother, network & chat, and then go off and do some fine things – often not connected to Kebele at all. Kebele has provided the anarchic seed that others choose to take away to grow, whilst some keep it growing within Kebele itself. Long may that last! Here’s a list of events coming up for the next 4 weeks, and check the Kebele website & FB page for updates: