Kebele Open Day as it Celebrates 20 years of Creative Resistance

Kebele social centre is holding a community Open Day on Saturday 8 March (details on images), and welcomes anyone from the local neighbourhood to pop in, look around, and have a chat. This is the 20th year since the Kebele project started, and whilst it is open to the local community whenever it is actually open, it has made a specific effort to invite people along on Saturday. So come!



Kebele started in the autumn of 1995, when a bunch of activists in need of housing occupied the empty building. When Kebele was 18yrs old, we wrote this article about its history & purpose. Kebele is an overtly anarchist space, and is now guided by a clear set of principles. The Open Day is an opportunity for people to gain a better understanding of its aims and activities, and clarify any questions they may have. It’s also a chance to socialise, enjoy the vegan food from Kebele’s cafe, and find out about some of the many & varied anarchist activities in and around Bristol. So come!

In the evening there’ll be a laid back social night with numerous DJ’s playing a right old mix of tunes. The fun continues over into Sunday, when the weekly Sunday Social vegan cafe will run as usual from 6.30pm. That will be followed by a showing of the film ‘Ciutat Morta – Dead City’, a documentary from Barcelona about a case of brutal injustice that has run since 2006. You can read here a decent background article on the case. So Come – plenty is going on at Kebele this weekend, new people are always welcome!

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